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Spend Analysis

12 Benefits of Advanced Spend Analysis

Having a robust spend analysis solution in place has become a prerequisite for running a professional sourcing organization. But do you get…

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Lari Numminen

Head of Marketing


Procurement Loves Finance All Around the World

A year ago we launched a new book describing Procurement’s Love for Finance. Behind this catchy headline there was a key point:…

Bruno Duréault

Chief Financial Officer

Sievo Culture

Sievo for Sievo – Bringing Radical Transparency to our Workplace

At Sievo we help our customers drive their businesses by harnessing their flow of data. With our tools, we give meaning to…

Ville Tukiainen

Senior UX Designer


Experience Feedbacker – Improving Customer Experience in Inventive Ways

The only way to create a truly intuitive user experience (UX) is to do it together with customers. For instance, the Service…

Veera Leskinen

Sales specialist

Sievo Culture

Sievo Brew – Best Enjoyed With Friends

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and bring our people together. We wanted to create something that represents Sievo…

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