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Walk the Talk – Machine learning and big data for procurement analytics

In procurement analytics, there are two clear trends: Data is the new oil. Big data and advanced analytics, such as machine learning,…

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Matti Sillanpää

CEO; Co-Founder

Sievo Culture

10 Year Challenge: Sievo 2009 vs. 2019

I’ve seen a number of #10YearChallenge reflections recently, so I wanted to offer ours. What’s changed at Sievo as we’ve growth over…

Anand Seshadri

Senior Advisor

Contract Management

10 Challenges Contract Management is facing and how to overcome them

Many CPOs would consider contract management being the basis for continuous supplier management, when combined with strong supplier governance. However, there are…

Lari Numminen

Head of Marketing

Sievo Culture

Don’t choose a job, choose a career

This is the time of year when university students plan ahead for the long summer break. Many students choose to enjoy their…

Aki Haanpää

Data Management Specialist

Sievo Culture

My Summer Academy – Storyline Divine

There are over 150 steps to ascend to the 7th floor and reach the Sievo HQ’s office in Helsinki. Trust me, I’ve…

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