Contract Compliance

Unlock more value from every contract and each contract lifecycle

Contracts are too valuable to file and forget

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Does contract coverage leave you in the dark?

It’s no good having contracts in place if they aren’t leveraged consistently across your organization. Is lack of contract coverage putting you at risk of rogues and mavericks?

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Is the value of contracts lost in the fine print?

With thousands of contracts and tens of thousands of pages of legal jargon, it’s easy to get lost in the details. How well can your team utilize contract information to negotiate better deals?

Do you know which renewals and renegotiations to focus on? Can you see risk positions in contracted spend? Can you spot trends and opportunities across your contract portfolio?

Link contract data to spend to improve contract coverage and compliance

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Sit back while we connect the data for you!

Sievo effortlessly integrates contract data from your ERP or Contract Lifecycle Management system. Consolidation of the contract suppliers and spend suppliers, alongside other connecting data points such as business units, ensure you can trust that the contracts are linked to spend data robustly. All of this is taken care of by Sievo for you.

After contract data is linked to spend, purpose-built dashboards are at your disposal to start extracting the value from Sievo contract compliance calculation.

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Say no to maverick spend, together.

Mavericks and rogues beware, there is a new sheriff in town. Sievo gives Procurement the tools and insights to finally bring an end to uncontrolled spend.

Track contract coverage across each business unit or a specific category. Assign roles and owners to tackle contract coverage collaboratively.

Easily identify preferred suppliers in each category from supplier data in Sievo Spend Analytics and share best practices across different business units.

Close the loop on contract coverage with a streamlined contract approval workflow.

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Maximize the value of each contract, even close to the expiry date!

In contract management, the signature is just the start.

Manage contract portfolios strategically across their full life cycles by leveraging contract metadata across your full organization. Ensure that contract coverage is secured for months and years to come by getting full visibility to expired contracts and spend affected.

Use contract data to save time and effort by identifying which contracts and suppliers to prioritize in negotiations.

Gain new savings opportunities by aligning contract terms between same category suppliers and identify risk positions.

See the big picture by linking contracts to spend data.

Decrease up to 40% contract value leakage, just like they did 

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