Executive Team

CEO; Co-Founder

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

3 things I love: "Helping talented individuals reach their full potential, Developing women's soccer in Finland, Everything and anything sweet"

Chief Customer Officer

Johan-Peter Teppala

3 things I love: "mountaineering, skiing, sailing"


Anna Tapiovaara

3 things I love: "dark humor, running, the smell of a fresh vineyard in the morning"


Perttu Paarma

3 things I love: "family, ice-hockey, desserts"


Heta Pirttijärvi

3 things I love: "Travelling to new places and hiking spots, Tough tennis matches, Finnish summer"


Markus Lauttia

3 things I love: "basketball, Asian food, well-performing SQL"


Ossi Karali

3 things I love: "The outdoors, all kinds of sports, traveling to new places"


Aino Häkkinen

3 things I love: "Dancing, meeting new people and Christmas"


Olli Saksa

3 things I love: "badminton against superior opponents, full-bodied red wines, sauna and dip in the lake"

Board of Directors

Chairman of the board

Matti Sillanpää

Board member

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

3 things I love: "Helping talented individuals reach their full potential, Developing women's soccer in Finland, Everything and anything sweet"

Board member

Johan-Peter Teppala

3 things I love: "mountaineering, skiing, sailing"

Board Member

Aneesha Raghunathan

3 things I love: "yoga, my mini goldendoodle, spicy food"

Board Member

Ben Weinberg

Our purpose: creating a transparent and data-
driven world while being awesome.


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