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We're the global leader in Procurement Analytics

Sievo is the procurement analytics partner for data-driven leaders and enterprises. Sievo gives you the single source of truth for past and future spend decisions. It's a true procurement information hub. 

Delivery capability

Sievo has robust data management and proven delivery capabilities for over 100+ global clients across major industries and verticals. Our NPS after implementation is over 80.

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Safe integrations

We have extensive expertise in data extractions: we manage 330k files, 550m lines and 850bn spend annually. We are able to extract data from any ERP, source system, legacy system, or modern data lake. 

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AI-powered process

Our automated source-to-screen process that combines AI with professional expertise enables data resource efficiency and quick time-to-value to our customers.

Stable and growing

We are financially stable and have enjoyed 29% organic growth since 2016. Our founders and leadership are passionate about creating a transparent and data-driven world while being awesome.

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Wide partner network

We would not be where we are today without our partners. Together we create value for our clients.

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Best-of-Breed approach

We have a strategic focus on procurement analytics. We combine software with professional service and deep industry know-how for actionable insights.


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Common challenges we can help you with:

  • Too many sources of truth

  • Process takes a long time and is manual

  • Focusing actively sourced spend only

  • No visibility to contract compliance

  • Only internal-focused reporting

  • Poor data quality

  • Limited target audience

  • Suboptimal user experience

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Achieve cost savings up to 11% from your addressable annual spend.

Lead your organization with 360 visibility into cost opportunities, performance and procurement impact. Enable efficient reporting and data management processes so your team can contribute where their expertise matters the most.

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Customer Success Stories

Large enough to deliver, small enough to care

Our 20 years of experience in procurement analytics working with 130+ clients allows you to benefit from accumulated best practices and learnings that we have from working with leading procurement organizations

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