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Calculate the corporate responsibility footprint with spend data

When it comes to sustainable procurement, walking the talk requires a systematic approach and engaged stakeholders. Targeting your actions to where it matters most requires reliable numbers. We are there to help you achieve your net zero, CSR, and diversity targets. With Sievo CO2 Analytics, sustainability analytics, and diversity analytics, you gain visibility on the state of corporate responsibility in your supply chain. Now it’s your turn to lead your sustainability strategy with a holistic view!


data you can trust

Bring sustainability data together with spend data

Combine domain specific figures with the sustainability data relevant to your industry field. Automate sustainable data management and enable reliable reporting.

Stake holder dialogue

Engage cross-functional stakeholders

Communicate and visualize your efforts and reduce scope 3 emissions across the company. Follow up the progress and set milestones.

Analytical competence

Target your corporate responsibility efforts

Identify diversity and emission hotspots & target your corporate responsibility efforts where it matters the most.

Sustainability leaders

Visibility into emissions coming from supply chain

Emission reporting requires reliable numbers and robust methodology. Sievo's CO2 Analytics is verified by a third party.

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Key benefits

  • Full visibility into sustainability of your global supplier base

  • Understand and reduce your scope 3 CO2 emissions across the enterprise

  • Find opportunities to continuously improve your Corporate Social Responsibility targets from your supply chain

  • No manual work for you, allowing you to focus on insights and acting on them


  • Increase your supply chain’s innovation and resilience by increasing diversity in your supplier base

  • Set milestones and improve sustainability of your supply base gradually

  • Share, follow, and report on sustainability easily based on data you can trust

  • Easily set, follow, and reach your emission reduction targets

How to reduce Scope 3 emissions, simply explained!

Learn how to reduce scope 3 emissions and reach net zero targets: Simply explained! 

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Scope 3 emissions: what can procurement do?

The Greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol classify emissions into three scopes, with Scope 3 representing the most significant source of GHG emissions, yet is also the hardest to capture. We have collected a short-list of tips that can help procurement reduce these emissions.


5 key steps to take on your sustainable procurement journey

Sustainable procurement can be defined as the process of finding, sourcing, and acquiring goods and services while considering environmental and social factors.

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Supplier Diversity in Procurement

This whitepaper explains how to meet your Supplier Diversity goals through actionable visibility into spend. Get insights into diverse supplier discovery, metrics, and how to position your programme.


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6 things to consider in your sustainable procurement roadmap

This article covers 6 things you should consider before making your sustainable procurement roadmap, from the business case to supplier data and analytics.

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Sustainable Procurement 101

Sustainable procurement positively impacts the planet, profit, and people. Learn how to make a sustainable procurement policy! Download the FREE PLAYBOOK to get started on your action plan.

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