Reduce Emissions across the Enterprise with CO2 Analytics

Measure, report, and understand scope 3 CO2 emissions from a holistic overview across the enterprise down to a single category.  

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Reducing emissions starts from understanding them.
With 80% of emissions coming from the supply chain, procurement is 
in the driver’s seat to impact emissions.

CO2 Analytics - emissions by supplier region
Identify emission hotspots with the leading analytics solution 

Understand which categories, regions and suppliers to focus on. Sievo combines your spend or quantity data with data from various databases to calculate your CO2 footprint for you all the way from a holistic overview down to single materials. Slice and dice the data easily to allow you to focus on insights and actions.

CO2 self-service GHG report
Report and act on your emissions

Use the data both for annual sustainability reporting as well as understanding your emissions with automatic monthly data refreshes, with no manual work for you. The calculations are performed according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol and verified by one of the Big Four accounting firms, allowing you to relax and trust the numbers.
Check out the verification report here.

CO2 Analytics - Year on year (YoY) target development
Follow emission reduction targets

Science Based Target, Net Zero, Paris Agreement…
Follow how your emissions develop against your targets 
on a monthly basis.

CO2 Analytics - full dashboard

Supercharge cross-functional communications 

Collaborate together with your organization to reach your reduction goals. Combine your emission data with the rest of your procurement data all in one place.  

… and much more!

Ready to see CO2 Analytics in action?

Get Insights Into Your Enterprise Carbon Footprint

Sievo's newest solution launch: CO2 Analytics - Sievo's newest solution - to help you understand, see, strategize, track your process, and succeed in reducing scope 3 carbon emissions.


Scope 3 emissions: what can procurement do?

The Greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol classify emissions into three scopes, with Scope 3 representing the most significant source of GHG emissions, yet is also the hardest to capture. We have collected a short-list of tips that can help procurement reduce these emissions.


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