Created to reduce emissions
Designed for lasting impact 

Measure, report, and understand your scope 3 CO2 emissions from a holistic overview across the enterprise down to a single category.  

Sustainable emission reduction requires constant high-quality data.
Smart carbon tools & analytics are key to reach net zero goals.

CO2 Analytics dashboard EY verified with GHG protocol calculations

We enrich the data,
you get the insights, together we reduce emissions.

Sievo CO2 Analytics extracts directly from your ERPs, maps your spend data with emission data, and does the calculations for you. Allowing you to understand the emissions source, measure precisely, report correctly, and ultimately reduce emissions throughout the organization - without the need for manual data crunching. 

Sievo reporting and emission calculations are performed according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol and verified by one of the big four accounting firms. You can rely on the numbers and confidently share them with your internal and external stakeholders.

This is how we accelerate
your emission reduction process:

Measure precisely:
monthly purchase data is automatically imported directly from the source 

Pinpoint emission hotspots:
slice & dice data by units, categories, suppliers, and more

Transparant methods:
Able to change and add carbon mappings incl. supplier-specific emissions

Report accurately:
Automatic CO2 calculations incl. UOM, currency conversions, and inflation

Insights you can trust:
Process verified by one of the big four accounting firms

Creating positive impact starts at the data source 

Sievo has ~20 years of data management and analytics experience, meaning we can turn any data into valuable data. Our Spend Analytics capabilities cover high-quality data classification and supplier consolidations to your custom taxonomy, including audit trail and approval workflows - ensuring a positive, sustainable impact from the source.


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No more complex spreadsheets

Sievo provides automated integration and extracts spend data from any data source, and enriches this with emissions factors from established databases or from your suppliers.  

Via Sievo's automatic monthly refreshes, you will always be up-to-speed in your journey to reach emission reduction targets.


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Pinpoint emission hotspots and opportunities

Sievo gives you insights into emission hotspots by supplier, category, region, business unit, and much more. Discover which of your key suppliers or categories have the biggest carbon impact on your supply chain emissions. Easily slice, dice, and drill down within Sievo to the source, e.g., on the material level. 

There is no need for technical understanding, as all data crunching + enrichments is done in the background for you, including data cleansing for units of measurement, currency conversions, inflations, and supplier consolidations. 

CO2 - Emissions hotspots and opportunities discovery


No more black boxes of emission calculations

Sievo CO2 Analytics takes care of the calculations, so you get access to the most accurate mappings to established emission factors. Our transparent methodology gives you confidence and full control over your data. 

Do you have supplier-specific emission data?
Great! Let's add them to the calculations.

CO2 - mapping quality and add supplier specific emission data


Nearly all companies report monthly to actively save money.
So why are sustainability reports only published once a year?

You are in control of how fast you reach your targets.

Follow real progress over time

According to Accenture, leading companies treat their net zero strategies equally as financial and operational targets. This means integrating emission reduction targets into everyday decision-making and tracking and acting on them accordingly.

Our emission dashboards include functionalities that show your progress over time and how you reach your targets. 

With our built-in Carbon price amount selector & Carbon price selector, you can set scenarios via how much carbon emissions you want to compensate by monetary value. 

Follow progress over time with targets and realized emissions


Report emissions using GHG protocol

Most companies struggle to create frequent reports due to the magnitude of manual work. With Sievo's automated processes, you will report accurately and can report as frequently as you need.

We allow unlimited users to collaborate together so that you can share your progress internally and externally. Simply use our Emissions dashboards or self-made charts via Sievo Self-Service.

CO2 - report emissions using GHG protocol and carbon intensity by supplier country top 100 suppliers


CO2 - on all devices accessible

Supercharge cross-functional communications

Collaborate together with your organization to reach your reduction targets. Combine your emission data with the rest of your procurement data all in one place.

Sievo provides automated integration and frequent data refreshes so your numbers are up-to-date and reliable. 

Communicate about your efforts and tracking coverage easily by sharing charts & figures from Sievo - simply log in to your Sievo browser on any device and keep the momentum in your meetings.

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Hikma Case Study

Many of our clients already started analyzing their emissions, this is one of them:

Multinational pharmaceutical company Hikma saw measuring scope 3 emissions as a challenge - it resulted in a lack of understanding of the supply chain emissions, which is where approximately 88% of the emissions exist.

By using Sievo CO2 Analytics, Hikma gained scope 3 carbon emission insights into their direct and indirect spend. 

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Together we can make impact now.
Act now.

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