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Sustainability in Supplier Relationship Management | Sustainability series part. 6

What is Supplier Relationship Management? Supplier relationship management (SRM) is a business initi..

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Corporate sustainability reporting directive | Sustainability series part. 5

Reporting on sustainability initiatives is no longer optional for even medium-sized companies. Some ...

Sustainability & Diversity,

Sustainable supplier selection & development | Sustainability series part. 4

Sustainability in supplier selection and development Suppliers play an essential role in your sustai...

Sustainability & Diversity,

Sustainable procurement roadmap | Sustainability series part. 3

Sustainable procurement is an integrated process that aims for lowest environmental impact possible ...

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What is German Supply Chain Act? | Sustainability series part. 2

The German Supply Chain Act refers to the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chain...

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What is sustainable procurement? | Sustainability series part. 1

Sustainable procurement is a process that integrates environmental, governance and social factors of...

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Scope 3 emissions: what can procurement do?

Sustainability has become a pressing priority for all organizations. Recent research conducted by th...

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Supplier diversity in procurement | Calculation examples

Supplier diversity definition: Supplier diversity is a proactive procurement strategy that encourage...

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Sievo launches solution to track carbon footprint across the supply chain

Sievo CO2 analytics enables organizations to gain visibility into their scope 3 emissions across the...

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5 key steps to take on your sustainable procurement journey

Corporate social responsibility saw the largest increase of any CPO priority between 2019 and 2021 (...

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Setting the Stage for Sustained Sustainability

    Procurement is rapidly evolving into a strategic function entirely powered by data-derived insig...

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Supplier Diversity: Urgency, Scalability, and Ownership

  Procurement is rapidly evolving into a strategic function entirely powered by data-derived insight...

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Accelerate your Supplier Diversity Program using Reliable Data

Supplier diversity is an increasingly important area of corporate social responsibility. This is an ...

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