Spend Analysis Powered by AI

Best-of-breed spend analysis solution combining procurement expertise and machine learning for more reliable spend visibility, faster.


Take control of your procurement spend

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No visibility on spend?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Even leading procurement teams can struggle to manage spend visibility across multiple ERPs or diverse business units.

If you’re not sure how to capture your spend visibility, start with the spend analysis basics.

Spend Analysis 101
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Can't trust the numbers?

You can’t make good decisions with bad data. Still today, many crucial decisions are made based on complicated Excel pivot tables or months old data.

If you’re looking to streamline and automate your spend analysis process, read spend analytics demystified.

Procurement Analytics Demystified
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Looking for more savings opportunities?

You don’t need more data, you need more insights. Analytics dashboards can overflow with nice looking graphs and tables, but do they help you make better decisions?

If you’re looking for a smarter solution, see the benefits of advanced spend analysis.


Get more value from your spend data with automated data extraction, AI-powered classification and advanced spend analytics

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Bring all your valuable procurement data together with the reliability of a machine and the experience of a team of seasoned procurement analysts.

At Sievo we like to say good data is like oil, it’s often out of reach and hard to extract, but with the right techniques can be turned into immense commercial value.

So, it’s no wonder Spend Matters consider Sievo’s data extraction capabilities second to none. If there is value to extract, we’ve got the tools and team to do it.

Make use of the world’s leading data extractor – the only way to collect and combine data from over 100 ERP and other source systems.

Gain full visibility on your procurement spend with the automated approach that saves you both time and effort.


Say good-bye to bad data. Take advantage of the leading classification solution combining procurement expertise and machine learning to deliver more reliable spend visibility, faster.

Get more accurate spend data classified and enriched just the way you like it. Tap deep procurement expertise in priority categories, while achieving a higher rate of classification in the long tail with a self-learning and correcting Artificial Intelligence.

Radically transparent spend classification. Audit every classification decision made, whether by machine or by person, and make corrections without the need to re-run reports.

Don’t just rely on old data. Timely refreshes to suit your financial reporting needs. Continuously improve classification and data quality, whether it is biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

Bring to the boardroom a set of numbers everyone can trust. Guaranteed data quality, or your money back!


Spend less time analysing and more time managing spend. Empower your whole procurement team to make smarter decisions, together.

Take advantage of uniquely configurable dashboards to suit the reporting needs of category managers as well as senior management.

Leverage the same set of numbers across each business unit and across the whole procurement organization, with no limits to the number of users accessing analytics reports.

Identify and share savings opportunities intuitively with your team or other key stakeholders. Export key insights to excel, or collaboratively manage savings programs within the app.

Go beyond spend visibility with advanced spend analytics to improve delivery performance, supplier relationships or even predicting future profitability.

Leading procurement teams choose Sievo

Pentair Group

Pentair, a global leader in water, fluid and thermal management, selected Sievo as their global solution for spend analytics because of best-of-breed analytics capabilities. The tool is an outstanding solution that has vastly improved the company's process efficiency in various areas of the supply chain organization.

Case Study

MTN Group

MTN is a large multinational telecom company that has worked with Sievo in their procurement transformation. In addition to Spend Analysis, Sievo also offers advanced capabilities of Supplier Tail Management, Payment Process analytics and detailed insights and dynamic reports that are spread across three continents. This solid foundation for good quality data gave MTN a good platform to build analytics upon as they continue to offer an integrated suite of communications products and services.

Case Study

Take spend visibility to higher level

Ready to see more of Sievo Spend Analytics?

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See how you can take a data-driven approach to risk by combining external supplier risk data with your spend and supplier internal data.

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Procurement Analytics Demystified

Get immersed in procurement analytics. In this three-part guide, Sievo’s source-to-screen experts share the secrets using practical examples.

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