Transform Procurement with Spend Analytics

Realize savings up to 3-11% from your annual spend. Turn your enterprise spend data into strategic decisions and tangible value.

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Gain crystal clear visibility into your spend

and streamline spend management processes across your organization


Save time and resources on manual data management

and let Sievo automate the work with our Source-to-Screen process

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Capture savings opportunities at a glance

and take timely actions to stay on top of the game and accelerate growth

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Make transformative impact beyond savings

to enable a sustainable, diverse, and resilient supply base

Well-informed decisions come from data you can trust. 

Strategic business decisions should be made based on reliable data. Feel like you constantly need to put up with months-old, scattered, and inaccurate data?

Compromise no more. We are here to help.


Sievo Spend Analytics empowers you to:



Take actions based on up-to-date and reliable insights
with automated and frequent data refreshes

Benefit from high classification coverage and accuracy
with industry-leading AI & human-powered spend classification technology

Slice and dice spend data in every possible angle
with dynamic drill-down and spend flow visualization

Get the best out of an advanced analytics tool
without technical experience or IT resources


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Building the case Procurement-Info-Hub-0 Reclassification-Steps Complex excel spreadsheets, messy dirty data
Centralize spend data across your organization in a single source of truth

Track your team’s KPI and catch insights at a glance with ready-made dashboards designed by procurement experts, ready for you to gain full visibility of your spend.

You can dive deeper into the key metrics in just a few clicks with advanced filters and flexible self-service features, or add extra granularity and details from internal data to learn when, how, from whom, and what you have purchased. 

Oversee your supply base ecosystem through a Procurement Information Hub

To gain a well-rounded overview of your supply base, you need to go beyond price, value, quality, and compliance and look at risk, diversity, sustainability, CO2 emissions, and performance.

With Sievo, your spend data is automatically extracted, classified, consolidated, cleansed, and enriched with external data from established databases, bringing you a complete Procurement Information Hub. 

Transparency is key: Say no to black boxes of classifications

Inside Sievo’s Classification Analytics, you can review at any point what has driven a classification decision and easily improve accuracy with a couple of clicks directly in the analytics interface.

In Sievo, your category managers can truly own their data by allowing them to easily correct, approve changes and review others' suggestions thanks to our powerful feedback loop, leaving a trace of decisions easily available for future audits.

Use time for more value-adding tasks than manual data crunching

Manual processes are not just time-consuming. They are prone to causing mistakes and errors in data - which can go unnoticed for months resulting in wrong reports. Free your time and resources from manual data crunching and report building. Let the process be automated.

Sievo safely and automatically extracts, cleanses and classifies your spend data from any ERP. With Sievo automatic data refreshes, you will always have the most up-to-date and error-free data in sight.


Transforming Procurement is not a one person's job. We need your entire team on it. In fact, we need everybody on it.


Sievo Spend Analytics works for all types of users.


Amplify the voice of Procurement across your organization

Share insights easily with internal and external stakeholders via quick filters, craft your custom dashboard, or create a chart from scratch via Sievo Self service. You can also create bookmarks with one click or export the data to the preferred format (CSV, XLSX or image).

Bring up Procurement discussion into board meetings by having continuous access - simply log in to your Sievo browser on any device.


Anyone can be a Procurement Superstar

No one is an expert in everything, we get that. Sievo interface is easy to use and friendly to even non-procurement users, which will boost your user adoption rate instantly. Trust us, even the most skeptical buyer that loves spreadsheets would use it.

You can provide smooth training and onboarding experience to new and experienced users with Sievo Academy – the next-level online learning platform with curated learning paths for easy tool adoption, exercises, playbooks, and certificates. 

Sievo is widely recognized by key analysts



SpendMatters ranks us at top for business value and TCO!

Compared to 23 other vendors, we scored above or at benchmark in all categories.

See the full report here

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We are big enough to deliver, and small enough to care

Sievo has been enabling data-driven enterprises across all sectors to navigate real-world supply chain, manage spend, capture savings and drive business value for 20 years.

Pentair Case Study

Achieving efficient spend analytics in various supply chain areas

Pentair, a global leader in water, fluid, and thermal management - was struggling with time-consuming spend analysis processes, complex tools, and a lack of visibility on several key metrics.

Selecting Sievo Spend Analytics as the global solution for spend analytics, Pentair witnessed massive improvements in classification accuracy, supplier consolidation, and savings opportunity identification - targets that they have struggled to achieve in the past.



Cimpress achieved cost savings of 8% in the core category and 11% in overall procurement spending.



In the first year alone of using Sievo, Hero captured and tracked a savings opportunity pipeline of more than 5% of total spend.



MTN achieved continuous extractions from 18 ERPs, all in different countries spread over 3 continents, in just 8 weeks from the project's start.


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