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Meet up with global leader in Procurement Analytics

Sievo is the procurement analytics partner for data-driven leaders and enterprises. We are joining top procurement conferences and events in our key markets all over the world. Let's align our plans!

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We're thrilled to talk about:

  • Procurement data value proposition

  • Spend analytics & solutions

  • Sustainability, CO2 emissions and risk management in procurement

  • Procurement data ecosystems

  • Your digital transformation journey

  • Cost savings, maverick buying & tail spend

  • Automation, AI & Machine Learning in procurement

  • User experience & adoption success

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Digital Procurement World



Barcelona, Spain

ProcureCon Europe



Minneapolis, MN, USA
Paris, France

Salons Solutions


https://www.salons-solutions.com/ nsalons.com

Stockholm, Sweden

CPO Outlook



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Why visit our booth?

  • Meet your local Sievo sales team

  • Learn more about procurement data analytics

  • Grab your favorite hard-cover

  • Cover your laptop and notebook with stickers that your colleagues are secretly envious of

  • Hear the best procurement dad jokes, including "why did the CPO cross the street?"

Sievo Awards

Widely recognized leader in Procurement Analytics


SievoFriends: our annual customer event

SievoFriends is our yearly customer event, where we mingle, share successes, and discuss the newest opportunities in procurement. This event is meant for our customers and partners so is by invite-only, but if you are interested, ask your Sievonian about joining. 

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