360 view on your spend for future-proof financial decisions

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Track realization of your financial goals and budgets with confidence.

Leading financial strategy successfully requires reliable data and ability to take proactive action for better future performance. Manage your savings program with a holistic organizational view from ideas to approved and realized savings. Allow your team to identify untapped savings opportunities, optimize payment terms, build scenarios, manage risk and improve working capital. Enable your financial team to quickly react to changes in behavior and actively contribute to the financial health of your company.


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Efficient reporting

Enables your team of financial experts to allocate their time for value-adding activities and consulting strategic financial initiatives.

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Common language

Shared understanding on savings definitions and targets with procurement, shared view on figures with business. Reduce bottle necks.

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360 view on savings

Gain holistic view to your organizations savings initiatives and their impact on financial goals. Improve compliance and policy coverage.


Budgeting accuracy

Improve your forecasting accuracy and profitability estimates with 360 view on spend and realized savings.


Lead your financial strategy with confidence, transparency, and accuracy

Gain a holistic view of your expenditure for future-proof financial decisions. Reduce forecasting cycle time by up to 80%. Allow your team to take a forward-looking view of material price variance and ensure profitability.

Key benefits

  • Gain a holistic view of your organization’s spend and savings projects

  • Improve your budgeting accuracy, efficiency, and predictability

  • Manage savings project portfolio from opportunity identification to balance sheet impact

  • Track Procurement contribution with a unified calculation method

  • Control Material Price Variance and translate forecasts into profitability estimates

  • Improve policy control and governance



  • 360 view of all savings initiatives across the organization and how they realize -> based on realized data

  • Discover and act on working capital improvement opportunities

  • Prepare for expected material cost developments and ensure future profitability

  • Reduce forecasting cycle time by up to 80%

  • Use time for more value-adding tasks and analysis instead of manual data crunching

  • Accurate and timely overall budgeting and forecasting process leading to more informed decision-making

Procurement Loves Finance

Learn to turn the communication challenge between Procurement and Finance into co-operation that provides value to everyone. 

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Ultimate Guide to Procurement Cost Savings

This guide explains the 5 major approaches to cost savings in procurement. In addition, you'll learn how best to identify, measure, and communicate those savings to your organization.

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Carlsberg Savings Lifecycle with Sievo

“We definitely got the visibilityto realized savings, as planned.In addition, the visibility tosavings projects turned out tobe a very effective platformfor best practice sharing andpositive internal competition.” Jan Breinholt VP Business Development


Procurement contribution to financial performance

Initially focused on price, quality and lead time, procurement has now become an important contributor in business strategy formulation to support overall value creation. The availability of tools that automate, simplify and optimize procurement processes has further enabled its development.

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Procurement savings | Definitions and calculation examples

Cost savings still is still the #1 key performance indicator for CPOs. This can be measured via hard savings or so-called cost avoidance. The debate between Procurement and Finance about how to measure the value of procurement savings is ongoing.

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Commodity price fluctuations | mitigating price volatility

Ensuring reliable supply of commodities at a right price, paired up with accurate demand forecasting is a complex art to master. Commodities are business critical items, of high value and subject to major fluctuations in price.

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Working capital optimization through payment terms

Working capital optimization means optimizing the balance between assets and liabilities, and the effective management of cash flow in order to meet a company’s short-term operating costs and debt obligations. It is important to have visibility on every payment: to know exactly what you owe, to whom, and when each payment is due.

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