Lead Procurement Strategy with Data and Insights

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Turn procurement data insights to actions. Allow your team to contribute where their strategic input matters the most.

Provide strategic, hyper-relevant insights to business leadership while leading the wider procurement agenda. Allow your team to contribute where their strategic input matters the most. Get a real overview of the procurement pipeline and communicate your team performance with top-level dashboards and robust numbers. Follow up the status of key projects contributing to the future success and financial health of your organization.

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Data you can trust

Gain 360 visibility into your spend and insights into the future performance and profitability. Bring all your internal data sources under one analytics platform and enrich with insights on risks, sustainability, diversity, forecasts, benchmarks, and more.​​

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Stakeholder dialogue builder

Communicate and visualize procurement contribution. Build dialogue and utilize ad hoc analysis to deliver relevant business insights.​ Become a value-adding partner and strategic advisor to stakeholders.

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Analytical competence

Empower and scale your team of professionals with intuitive and accessible analytics. Identify cost savings and sourcing cases and guide your team to focus on opportunities with the best potential.

Key benefits

  • Improve spend visibility, accelerate savings and drive profitability.

  • Prepare for expected material cost developments and ensure future profitability.

  • Find all procurement information in one place. Combine your spend with external data for actionable insights.

  • Automate spend reporting and use time for more value-adding activities instead of manual data crunching.

  • Level up your procurement from descriptive to predictive analytics for all types of users, from analyst to CPO.



  • Improve sustainability, mitigate supply chain risks and enable diverse supply chain.

  • Steer supplier performance and increase compliance.

  • Improve trust and collaboration with key stakeholders.

  • Enable fact-based decision-making and audit trail.

  • Benefit from accumulated best practices that we have from working with our 100+ global clients from different industries.

Level up the maturity of your procurement organization

Lead a team with 360 visibility into performance and procurement impact. Enable efficient reporting processes so your team can contribute where their expertise matters the most.

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spend analytics users

Sievo works with all types of users

Spend analytics solutions need to cater to multiple functions and varying stakeholder needs. Top management needs for analytics are different from business controllers'. Sievo supports users from all levels of organization and self-service reporting enables customized views.

levels of analytics

Procurement analytics journey

Spend data extraction, cleansing and classification is often the first step in procurement analytics.

Let's discuss insights and opportunities that go beyond just reporting on your spend!

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