Drive innovation  with Diversity Analytics

Increase your supply chain’s agility and resilience and gain a competitive advantage by expanding diversity in your supplier base.

Promote supplier diversity in your supply chain and drive innovation in products & services, and become part of the social change.

Sievo Diversity Dashboard

Get a holistic view of your Diversity program

Sievo Diversity Analytics combines your spend data with supplier diversity data, giving you the ability to identify the diversity status in your supply chain. Track by category, region, and organization, or drill down to the line level - all in one view.

Easily monitor your spend from diverse certified suppliers to meet federal mandates and corporate brand goals. With Diversity Analytics, you will boost your Supplier Diversity Program and empower your industry supplier diversity leadership.

Keep Track of the Diversity Status KPIs

Assess how much of your supplier base is diverse versus non-diverse, and how much has been assessed. Easily view and report your status with KPIs to internal and external stakeholders to meet corporate goals or federal mandates.

diversity assesment with KPIs score spend suppliers

Discover Diversity Types and its Spend

Every user can see supplier diversity information with visibility from global KPIs to individual suppliers.
Get insights into your diverse suppliers including their certifications and diversity types. Discover in one glance the magnitude of each diversity type in your spend, and view how much growth or decline there has been with our interactive features.

diversity certification types and diversification opportunities

Find opportunities for more diversification

You can find diversification opportunities in your supply base by combining supplier diversity data with spend data.
For example, you can use filters to identify your top suppliers' performance from your biggest category.

filtering diversity top suppliers and category

Follow the development of diverse spend over time

Benchmark the diversity status internally by business units or organisations - and keep track of the development in your supplier diversity program over time by selecting the preferred timeframe.

Time development of diverse spend


Share personalized views with stakeholders 

Communicate easily with internal and external stakeholders by sharing and reporting diversity statuses. Create custom dashboards, use quick filters to personalize your reports, or use Sievo Self service dashboards to create charts from scratch. Create bookmarks with one click, share your insights with stakeholders, or export the data to excel.

diversity sharing exporting saving bookmark feature

Keep the Momentum with Automated Integration & Frequent data refreshes

Sievo provides automated integration and frequent data refreshes so your numbers are up-to-date and reliable. Bring diversity KPIs into your existing tools and processes by having continuous access - simply log in to your Sievo browser on any device. 

Diversity product on all devices tablet laptop mobile

Ready to see Diversity in action?

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