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Serve actionable insight and intuitive analytics to your stakeholders.

There is an emerging need to connect to a broader set of data and systems. Spend and savings reports need to be connected with supplier information on risks, sustainability, diversity, contracts, news, forecasts, benchmarks, and more to complete the picture for business leadership. Furthermore, this needs to be easily available for the whole organization to really boost decision-making quality and speed. All this internal, external, structured, and unstructured information makes Sievo a key part of your software ecosystem, taking in all relevant data but also feeding it back to other systems and so improving source data quality.


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Empowering analytics

Serve understandable and intuitive analytics to all our users, while also powering data enthusiasts to dig deep in a self-service manner.

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Robust data management

Utilize machine learning and AI to automate monthly processes and accelerate procurement decision-making

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Smart architecture

We serve data back in a robust, holistic and flexible manner to suit different data needs and further leverage spend data in the solution ecosystem.

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Safe and easy integrations

Deliver greater value and make use of integration to various 3rd party data sources, combined seamlessly with spend data for insightful analytics.

Key benefits

  • A unified view on all your procurement data

  • Combine internal and external data for insights

  • Single source of truth enabling informed decision making

  • Build maturity together with a leading partner instead of simply shopping solutions

  • Robust integrations to any third-party data sources

  • Feed data back efficiently to data lakes and increase data quality

  • Level up the data maturity of your organization


  • Automated extractions from unlimited ERP’s, legacy systems, and modern data lakes or clouds with Sievo’s Data Extractor

  • Automated monthly data refreshes and superior data management capabilities​

  • Intuitive analytics for all types of users: top-level dashboards for C-level executives, more detailed analytics for seasoned data analysts​

  • Collaborative classification that connects Sievo, customer, and AI experience

  • Deep knowledge in handling industry classifications and various data sources



Save monthly spend cleansing and consolidation time.

Leave the spend data management hassle for the leading provider with 20+ years of industry experience in procurement, from different industries and verticals.

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Procurement Loves Data

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Build sustainable data architecture with a leading spend analytics provider.

From our nearly 20 years of experience in the field of procurement analytics, we can deliver value to all large procurement organizations and truly know their user needs when it comes to analytics.

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