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Building an effective procurement strategy

A comprehensive procurement strategy defines how an organization strategically manages its procureme..

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Total cost of ownership (TCO) of spend analytics

When it comes to procurement analytics, the question of whether to build it yourself or buy it from ...

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Maverick spend in procurement

Maverick spend definition:  Maverick spend is the action of purchasing from suppliers outside pre-es...

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Procurement analytics | Procurement Explained

Procurement analytics definition:  Procurement analytics is the process of using quantitative and an...

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Spend under management in procurement

Spend under management  Spend under management is the amount of spend managed by procurement out of ...

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Procurement savings | Definitions and calculation examples

The main goal of procurement is to ensure products and services are bought at the right price. Cost ...

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Spend analysis solution for procurement: build vs. buy?

Every procurement organization needs to have visibility on their spend. There are many ways to do th...

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Is 2021 the year of analytics in procurement? Highlights from Deloitte CPO Survey

Read highlights from Deloitte's latest annual Chief Procurement Officer survey. Get a pulse of the m...

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Spend analysis: why it's important | Procurement Explained

Spend analysis is the practice of analyzing procurement spend to decrease costs, increase efficiency...

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Year in Spend 2020: Procurement Benchmarks Since Covid-19 Pandemic

In this article we'll look at some of the impacts Covid-19 has had on business spending based on ano...

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Healthcare Giant Gains Global Spend Transparency with Sievo

One of the world’s leading consumer healthcare companies has achieved unprecedented spend visibility...

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Superior Data Management Enables Better Spend Analysis

If you’ve enjoyed your holidays over June or July, you may have missed a flurry of quality commentar...

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Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 3: Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden...

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Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 2: Collaborative Classification

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden...

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6 Key Learnings from 100+ Spend Cubes

During my three and a half years at Sievo, I have seen a vast number of spend cubes being created. W...

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12 Benefits of Advanced Spend Analysis

Having a robust spend analysis solution in place has become a prerequisite for running a professiona...

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Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 1: Data Extraction

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden...

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Is Spend Analysis Holding You Back?

Spend analysis has been around for a long time as a tool for procurement organizations to make bette...

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The Future of Spend Management

The previous blog post on spend management described the evolution over last decade until today. In ...

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Creating Business Value from Procurement

Nowadays it is a more or less universally recognized fact that having well performing procurement op...

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Spend Analysis data quality challenge

Spend analysis aims at creating a fact based understanding on where a company spends its money: what...

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Spend Management - from Reporting to Forecasting

This article gives an overview of the paradigm shifts of spend management over the last couple decad...

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