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Become a part of our success story. Feel comfy with our family of Sievonians - the best colleagues on the planet. Explore growth opportunities on our career playground. Work to create a handcrafted, clean code software product and world-class business services.

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Helsinki, Finland

Open Application

Are you our next family member?

Helsinki, Finland

Azure Cloud Architect

Love Azure Cloud (and are not afraid to show it)? Then take us to the Cloud!

Helsinki, Finland

Sales Development Specialist

Sales Development Specialist position at Sievo is not your typical Sales Development position.

Helsinki, Finland

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Sievo is inviting a talented Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to become our newest Sievonian.

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Anna Tapiovaara

Vice President, People

Sievo Culture

On Growth, Culture and Assholes

Sievo turns 14 this year, with over 50 people joining our family of Sievonians. As we experience the biggest ramp-up in our…

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

Vice President, Customers; Co-Founder


On The Magic Connecting Customers, Employees and Product

CUSTOMERS. EMPLOYEES. PRODUCT. That’s the holy trinity of a SaaS-company. Anything meaningful taking place in a growing SaaS-company involves at least the…

Sievo Blog

Life at Sievo

Let us take you on a tour in Sievonia, the funniest and coolest office in Helsinki! This is where we get the shit done. Could your future desk be located here, with a view?

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Sievonian at Spotlight

Samuli Vuorinen

Samuli, one of our Senior software engineers, enjoys finding simple solutions to complicated problems, and at Sievo there are many like-minded colleagues who appreciate high quality software and attention to detail.

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How would you explain #ProcurementAnalytics to your mom? Don’t worry, we have the answer - our video is finally out!!! Link in the bio🤩
Today we're celebrating the opening of Sievo Sauna! Together with @ayy_fi we have now launched an appropriately themed sauna for students to use and enjoy 🎉 #sievogoessauna #withsievo
New to #procurement? Want to see how experts would explain it to an 11-year-old? Check this out! 👌
Nothing like working while feeling the #summer breeze 🌿🌼🌞 #workfromhome #sievo #bestplacetowork #finnishsummer
We wanted to join the on-going Pride celebrations in Helsinki by putting our great 7th floor windows to good use and helping to spread the message! (Hint: it also spells something backwards 😉) #loveislove🌈 #prideweek #lovewithsievo
Hey look Ma, I made it! There’s an article about us and big data opportunity in benchmarking in The Times magazine 🤓

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