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Become a part of our success story. Feel comfy with our family of Sievonians - the best colleagues on the planet. Explore growth opportunities on our career playground. Work to create a handcrafted, clean code software product and world-class business services.

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Helsinki, Finland

Open Application

Are you our next community member?

Helsinki, Finland

Senior Frontend Developer

Hello there. We're Sievo.

Helsinki, Finland

Senior Software Engineer


Helsinki, Finland

Data Management Specialist

Are you the data enthusiast we are looking for?

Helsinki, Finland

Engineering Manager

Lead the new product team at Sievo!

Helsinki, Finland

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Join our exciting new product team!  

Helsinki, Finland

Data Engineer

Are you our next Data Engineer?

Chicago, United States

Channel Partner Manager

Ready to accelerate your career to the next step?

Helsinki, Finland

Data Engineer, API Integration

Sievo <3 Azure

Creating a transparent and data-driven world while being awesome


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Anna Tapiovaara

Vice President, People

Sievo Culture

On Growth, Culture and Assholes

Sievo turns 14 this year, with over 50 people joining our family of Sievonians. As we experience the biggest ramp-up in our…

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

CEO; Co-Founder

Sievo Culture

On The Magic Connecting Customers, Employees and Product

CUSTOMERS. EMPLOYEES. PRODUCT. That’s the holy trinity of a SaaS-company. Anything meaningful taking place in a growing SaaS-company involves at least the…

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Life at Sievo

Let us take you on a tour in Sievonia, the funniest and coolest office in Helsinki! This is where we get the shit done. Could your future desk be located here, with a view?

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