Procurement Benchmarking - Linking Your Spend with Market Data

Identify and achieve world-class performance with data-driven procurement benchmarks

Reacting to market price changes requires fast
actions enabled by the best tools on the market


Turn data into insights to react to market opportunities

Procurement is at the intersection of many internal and external data streams. Sievo combines your purchasing data with external data on market price developments, enabling you to react to both down- and upward market trends.

Sievo has partnered with major market data providers to produce the data for benchmarking your data against current market developments. See how your spend is exposed to the market to assess risk and find opportunities.


Analyze how your purchases are developing against the market

Comparing your procurement prices to market indexes offers a new way to look into your performance.

Sievo helps you align across your company, offering one source of truth for all your indexes, cost structures and market index opportunities. Our Market Benchmarking solution automates this process and enables data enrichment, validation and quality data.


Actionable insights unlocked within your spend analysis dashboard

Sievo makes internal procurement performance benchmarking easy. Compare your performance year-over-year and easily filter data to compare business units or regions to each other. Drilldown to pinpoint exact performance issues that hinder your results.

Ready to see Procurement Benchmarking in action?

Market Benchmarking With Indexes

Linking market indexes to your spend data has become much easier, see how Sievo Realized Savings Measurement and Market Benchmarking help you leverage market changes to your advantage.

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Procurement Loves Finance

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Market Benchmarking

Get an overview of how you can get the most your data by combining it with external data and what external data sources Sievo offer clients.

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