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How to use spend analytics in supplier negotiations?

Supplier negotiation is a combination of interpersonal skills, tactics, market understanding, and da..

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Working capital optimization through payment terms

Working capital Working capital is the money used in day-to-day trading operations in your business....

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Commodity price fluctuations | mitigating price volatility

Commodity meaning in procurement  In procurement, a commodity means raw or semi-processed materials ...

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Procurement savings | Definitions and calculation examples

The main goal of procurement is to ensure products and services are bought at the right price. Cost ...

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Materials Forecasting Explained

Materials forecasting is the process of creating direct materials cost budgets and forecasts to help...

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How to Calculate and Forecast Purchase Price Variance (PPV)

In any manufacturing company Purchase Price Variance (PPV) Forecasting is an essential tool for unde...

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Cost Reduction – The Common Language Between Finance and Procurement

In this series freelance procurement expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in procurement and ...

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Procurement Loves Finance All Around the World

A year ago we launched a new book describing Procurement’s Love for Finance. Behind this catchy head...

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Beyond the 2018 Financial Milestones Wall

Above and Beyond Financial Milestones in 2018 To all: rejoice! we’ve closed another big financial ye...

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The Road to Materials Forecasting and Endless Possibilities

In the procurement domain, I feel like materials cost forecasting is the most underleveraged area of...

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SavingsBridge – Our Solution to Connect Procurement and Finance

We recently introduced our new book Procurement Loves Finance, which is about building and nurturing...

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Procurement ❤️ Finance

Should procurement love finance or finance love procurement? Surprisingly that was the topic that ra...

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Predict Future Profitability- Sievo Whiteboard Session #4

Have you always wondered how your profitability would look like in the future? Get a glimpse as Samm...

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From PowerPoint Savings to Bottom Line Savings- Sievo Whiteboard Session #3

Here's a little secret: It is always about cost savings in procurement. Learn more on how having cle...

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The Roadmap to Measure Real Savings for Indirect Spend

I was having discussions a few weeks back with one of our clients regarding actual savings calculati...

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Forecast - The Common Language of Procurement and Business

I start by doing a bold statement; Forecast is by far the most powerful tool for Procurement, when c...

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