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How to use spend analytics in supplier negotiations?

Supplier negotiation is a combination of interpersonal skills, tactics, market understanding, and da..

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Working capital optimization through payment terms

How payment terms impact on working capital? Working capital is the money used in day-to-day trading...

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Commodity price fluctuations | mitigating price volatility

Commodity meaning in procurement  In procurement, a commodity means raw or semi-processed materials ...

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Procurement savings | Definitions and calculation examples

The main goal of procurement is to ensure products and services are bought at the right price. Cost ...

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Materials Forecasting Explained

Materials forecasting is the process of creating direct materials cost budgets and forecasts to help...

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How to Calculate and Forecast Purchase Price Variance (PPV)

In any manufacturing company Purchase Price Variance (PPV) Forecasting is an essential tool for unde...

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Cost Reduction – The Common Language Between Finance and Procurement

In this series freelance procurement expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in procurement and ...

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SavingsBridge – Our Solution to Connect Procurement and Finance

We recently introduced our new book Procurement Loves Finance, which is about building and nurturing...

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The Roadmap to Measure Real Savings for Indirect Spend

I was having discussions a few weeks back with one of our clients regarding actual savings calculati...

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