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5 Ways to Elevate Procurement Analytics with User Adoption and Training

Transform your technology investments into tangible benefits for your organization. Explore the critical roles of implementation and user adoption, and discover five strategies to enhance these areas for maximum impact.

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Updated: Jun 6, 2024

In a hectic procurement landscape, data and analytics tools are crucial for making future-proof decisions.

Furthermore, training your users substantially increases the value of procurement analytics. Trained users are also better equipped to take initiative based on insights.

This blog explores the importance of user adoption and education, drawing insights from Sievo Academy, our online learning platform designed to empower procurement professionals and maximize the benefits of our procurement analytics software. 

The Critical Role of User Adoption and Training 

Why User Adoption Matters 

Software implementation and user adoption are vital indicators of transformation success. This transition can be challenging, requiring users to unlearn old habits and adapt to new processes.

Without proper adoption, even the best tools can fall short of their potential. A high adoption rate ensures that the software is used and delivers maximum value for the organization. 

Training as
the Key to Success

Training is fundamental to user adoption. When users are well-trained, they use the product more frequently and independently. At Sievo, we’ve observed that trained users are more likely to leverage the full capabilities of our software, leading to better procurement value delivery.

To support this, we have established Sievo Academy, a comprehensive training platform with over 3,200 students within its first year under the sun. 


Sievo Academy: Empowering Users through Education 

Personalized, Scalable Training 

Sievo Academy offers online training sessions around various topics, free of charge. Our goal is to provide scalable training with a personalized feel, ensuring that each user receives the guidance they need to succeed.

By verifying trained users, we can measure the impact of our training programs and continuously improve our offerings. Verification ensures effective training, and our clients can be certain that their users have unlocked new skills and knowledge levels

The Sievo Super User Certification Program

To further enhance user engagement and proficiency, Sievo has introduced the Super User Certification Program. This program is designed to cultivate a group of highly skilled users who can champion the use of Sievo tools within their organizations. 

Super Users are provided with advanced training that goes beyond the basics. This includes webinars, advanced courses, supportive communication materials, and direct access to Sievo experts. These resources ensure that Super Users remain at the forefront of procurement analytics and can continuously bring new insights and improvements to their organizations. 

These users gain the ability to: 

  • Provide individual-level support independently 
  • Optimize the use of Sievo tools for their specific business needs 
  • Mentor and support their peers, thereby driving wider adoption within their teams 
  • Lead training sessions that combine Academy knowledge with organization-specific examples for maximum impact. 

Measuring Success

Sievo Academy's success is measured through various key performance indicators (KPIs). For instance, an increase in usage rates indicates effective adoption, whereas fewer support requests indicate users becoming more self-sufficient 

Different programs we offer in our Academy have dedicated measures of success. For instance, the success of the Super User Certification Program is measured by: 

  • Increased user satisfaction, as peers benefit from the expertise of Super Users 
  • Reduction in support requests, as Super Users handle many queries internally  
  • Faster onboarding and enhanced utilization of Sievo’s advanced features, leading to greater procurement value 

Other KPIs include user satisfaction, the correct use of dashboards, and the utilization of insights to provide procurement value. 


5 Strategies for Successful Implementation and Adoption 

1. Onboarding and User Education 

Effective onboarding and continuous user education are essential for the successful adoption of any software. This involves clear communication, setting expectations, and providing ongoing support. Users need to understand the value the tool brings to their work and how to use it effectively. This is why Sievo provides curated programs for different user groups too. 

2. Leadership and Change Management 

Key factor of change management is recognizing and addressing resistance. Different types of users, from enthusiasts to skeptics, will react differently to new technologies. Tailoring your approach to meet the needs of each group can significantly enhance adoption rates.  

Effective communication and involving key users from the start can mitigate initial resistance. Building a business case that clearly articulates the benefits of the new solution can also help gain buy-in from all stakeholders. 

3. Addressing Resistance 

Leadership plays a crucial role in driving adoption. Leaders must set an example by using the tool themselves and encouraging their teams to do the same. Assigning change agentsenthusiasts or visionaries who advocate for the new solutioncan also facilitate smoother transitions and higher adoption rates. 

4. Maintaining Engagement Post-Implementation 

Ensuring ongoing user engagement requires continuous support and updates to keep the tool relevant and useful. Regular feedback sessions and updates based on user input can help maintain interest and satisfaction. 

5. Simplifying the User Experience 

A user-friendly interface is critical. If the solution is more complex than previous tools and processes, users are likely to revert to old habits. Ensuring that the tool is intuitive and easy to use drives higher adoption rates. We want to develop solutions that users love to use and that provide personalized insights for greater value. 



Unlocking the full value of your procurement analytics tools hinges on effective user adoption and training. Sievo Academy is dedicated to empowering users through comprehensive training programs, personalized support, and continuous engagement. By focusing on these aspects, organizations can ensure that their investment in data and analytics tools translates into meaningful procurement value. 

Equip your team for success with Sievo Academy's comprehensive training programs. Explore our website for training options and continue thriving in your digital transformation. Here's to your success!


Johan-Peter Teppala

Johan-Peter is the CCO of Sievo with extensive experience in business process improvement and leading cross-functional teams, paired with a passion for mountaineering.

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