Reach CSR targets with Sustainability Analytics

Find opportunities to continuously improve your Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement targets from your supply chain.

 Design a supply chain based on sustainability performance ratings and become the advisor to your organization's CSR program.

sustainability dashboard overview

Bring CSR targets into your supply chain

Sievo Sustainability Analytics connects your spend data with supplier sustainability performances - giving you a holistic view of procurement’s sustainability efforts in the global supply base. The color coding provides an instant impression of your CSR status.

Show stakeholders the contribution your procurement team has made to the company’s sustainability targets and program, and reduce manual efforts, for example, when creating the annual corporate sustainability reports.

Assess your suppliers' CSR performance

Identify how many of your suppliers are willing to share their sustainability performance cards, and how much spend in your supply base depends on them.

Compare internally your suppliers with performance ratings from suppliers without ratings - revealing which suppliers without ratings are critical to your supply chain.

Supplier CSR performance assesment

Filter by different scorecards and ratings

Keep track of CSR development over time and use filters to deep-dive into different scorecard types, for example, the environment score of your supply base. 

The color coding gives you an immediate impression of how your suppliers perform across different CSR scores. Discover your procurement team's contribution, and identify opportunities per score that are most effective and efficient to pursue.

scorecard and rating filtering enviromental score development


Remediate your at-risk suppliers

By connecting spend data and supplier sustainability ratings, you can pinpoint low-rated suppliers that need to be improved before they become high-risk to your supply chain.

Understand your best and worst performing suppliers via scorecard details from your assessed suppliers - and benchmark internally to propose ways of improvement in your supplier negotiations.

internal at-risk benchmarking and remediation

Keep your supplier responsibility program up-to-date

Requesting new supplier assessments can be done directly from Sievo, promoting efficient supplier onboarding with the ability to track your supplier responsibility development.

Use filters to compare for example within your top category by business unit or region.

supplier responsibility program and onboarding assesment

Save time by reducing manual efforts

Reduce manual effort in sustainability reporting - share insights easily within the organization and public, and free up time for value-adding tasks.

You can personalize your reports, make custom charts in Sievo Self service, create bookmarks with one click and share your insights with stakeholders, or export the data.

sustainability sharing exporting saving data dashboard

Supercharge cross-functional communications

Sievo provides automated integration and frequent data refreshes so your numbers are up-to-date and reliable. 

Communicate about your efforts and tracking coverage easily by sharing charts & figures from Sievo - simply log in to your Sievo browser on any device and keep the momentum in your meetings.

Sustainability on all devices sharing access

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