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Marketing Spend Visibility | Marketing category series part 4

Spend visibility means systematic, detailed and organized spend trace. Spend visibility is not only ..

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Agency Relationship Management | Marketing category series part 3

Marketers are continually having to re-evaluate their external supplier relationships, even more fre...

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Marketing Procurement Relationship | Marketing category series part 2

The Hackett Group’s ”2021 CPO Agenda: 10 Key Issues Procurement Needs to Act on Now” introduces key ...

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Marketing spend management | Marketing category series part 1

This is the first article in the Marketing Category Series, where we dive deep into spend-related to...

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Category management and supplier segmentation | The criticality matrix

How to get started with category strategy and planning Category strategy defines vision, mission and...

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Category management | Definitions and best practices

Category management definition: Category Management (CM) is a strategic approach to procurement wher...

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Supplier Segmentation 101 – Stategic Suppliers and Future Success

Supplier segmentation is the process of allocating suppliers into distinct groups so that limited re...

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24 Do's and Dont's of Supplier Relationship Management

In this series freelance procurement expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in procurement and ...

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