Supply chain decarbonization 101

Jun 13, 2023 4:00 PM UTC

What does Decarbonization stand for, or what are the five steps to set Science-based targets, and how to get your company on the net-zero journey? Why is it important to focus on the Scope 3.1 emissions to reach your targets, and what tools do you need to drive your decarbonization strategy forward? Master the ABC of decarbonization and learn more about what you need to measure and reduce your emissions.

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Carbon Reduction: Walk the Talk

In this webinar we will be discussing the latest trends in actions beyond savings, such as CO2 emissions reduction related initiatives, the common challenges and answers along that journey, and how to get started with driving actions.

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The Art of Realizing Procurement Data Value Promise with Analytics

In this webinar, you will learn about common data analytics challenges in procurement and how to overcome them. Our speakers will help you to understand the differences between guided and self service analytics as well as benefits and shortcomings of each. Many more topics about Data Analytics will be discussed in this webinar. Watch now!

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Cost-cutters in Procurement: When savings go too far

Savings has been the top priority in procurement but what happens when the saving-above-all mindset goes too far? And how is the nature of procurement changing nowadays? Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion to gain valuable insights on transforming procurement culture and moving away from a narrow focus on savings.

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The Art of Selling the Value of Procurement Data to Your Stakeholders

In this webinar, you will learn why stakeholder engagement is critical to your digital roadmap and procurement transformation, and how procurement data can offer solution to economic downturn.

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Reacting to US Climate Regulations

In this webinar, we discuss what SBTi and CDP are, how the US regulations and demand for measuring CO2 emissions are developing and how you can stay ahead of the game and account for your emissions.

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The Best Procurement Practices to level up your Carbon Management

Get access to the current state of carbon maturity in the supply chain through data from the EcoVadis Carbon Maturity Report 2022 and define procurement’s role in reducing your scope 3 emissions and driving performance through supplier relationships.

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Análisis de compras: “Comprar vs. Construir

Durante el webinar, los expositores hablarán sobre los elementos clave de la implementación exitosa del software de análisis de gasto, así mismo como el esfuerzo y costo asociado a su ejecución.

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9 keys mistake to avoid for a better procurement data strategy

With almost 20 years in the business, both Sammeli and JP have seen hundreds of enterprise businesses fail to realize the full potential of their procurement data. Now they will share the 9 key mistakes to avoid in your mission for a better procurement data strategy.

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Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Global Food Commodities

Mintec will highlight the nominal price movements in the meat and grain markets, underline the supply and demand responses to the latest market drivers, and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

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How to get procurement and IT team on the same page and work effectively

In this webinar, we are sharing insights on how to get procurement and IT functions on the same page and making them work together effectively.

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A discussion on agility and partnership between analytics and your business

In this webinar, we will discuss about CFOs and CIO's role in analytics today and the benefits of working with agile best-of-breed solution providers.

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How supplier risk can be identified and tackled with integrated data

In our webinar, we are covering why managing supplier risks is important and what data/technology procurement leaders need to reduce supplier risks.

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Insights from Alliander's journey implementing Sievo Spend Analysis

Mirjam from Alliander talks about the challenges that Alliander had, the selection process, implementation tips and tricks, as well as sharing how Spend Analysis solution is being used at Alliander now and what benefits Alliander gets from it.

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An overview of Sievo's Materials Forecasting solution

Sievo's best experts present how Sievo Materials Forecasting solution can make forecasting much more fun and valuable to procurement, finance, and business stakeholders.

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Tackling the Challenge of Scope 3 Emissions with CO2 Analytics

In this webinar, our experts give advice on what companies need to do to get to true zero emissions and will show our unique CO2 Analytics solution in action.

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Compliance - Performance - Leadership: Nachhaltigkeit in der Lieferkette steigern

In unserem Partner Webinar mit EcoVadis, erfahren Sie wie Unternehmen das LkSG angehen und durch kontinuierliche Analyseprozesse maximalen Nutzen und Mehrwert schaffen können.

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How modern procurement tools can help you focus on the essential information

Find out how modern procurement tools can help you focus on the essential information in a world of excess data - cut through the noise and drive decisions with the right information.

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What you need to form a 360 view of your suppliers

This webinar discusses how spend analytics is at the heart of managing supplier performance at s cale across your enterprise and how spend visibility is not enough for a forward-looking view on supply risk.

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Five steps to increase your supplier diversity spending and Sievo give you a clear path toward improving and measuring supplier diversity

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From opportunity identification to savings realization

See how to manage your procurement savings from idea to cash and drive more realized savings that are recognized by finance. Sievo's best product experts share an overview of the solution for managing savings.

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Procurement success story from largest Finnish food industry corporation

Fazer has been successfully building their procurement strategy with Sievo for many years. In this webinar, Fazer will share how they utilize Sievo daily.

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How to build a data-driven Center of Excellence

See how one of the world's leading telecom operators, MTN Group, has built an advanced Center of Excellence.

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How procurement can use data and analytics to lead growth-driven Procurement

This interactive session discusses what it takes for Procurement to lead with an agile growth mindset

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Digital Transformation: How to stay on the top of your game with Advanced Analytics?

Investing in Procurement Analytics to drive operational efficiency remains one of the top priorities for procurement executives all over the globe.

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