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Advanced Spend Analysis

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Fundamentals of Spend Analysis

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Supplier Performance Management

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AI in Procurement:
Friend, Foe or Fool’s Gold?

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Webinars with Sievo

spend analysis

How to avoid the black box of classification?

Explor the current best practices in procurement spend classification and dispel the myths of “black box” classification.

Reinvent Procurement with Resilience and Sustainable Innovation

Two co-founders discuss reimagining the role of procurement going forward and what is “procurement with purpose".

spend analysis

Procurement Information Hub

The challenge of modern procurement is not about accessing data. The challenge is about utilizing data to create value and actionable insights.

spend analysis

Mitigate supply disruption by understanding internal alternative sources

Strategic category manager shares how you can reduce supplier disruption, like COVID-19, using your spend analysis data.

Best-of-Breed vs. Full-Suite

A lively discussion on Boliden's set up and why did the company go with the best-of-breed solutions

spend forecasting

Direct Materials Forecasting

Understand how direct material purchases affect your future profitability​

savings lifecycle

How to Drive Savings Projects with Sievo

If you're looking for a more robust and flexible way to track savings projects across your organization, this is the webinar for you.

Respond, Recover, Prepare: Why digitizing procurement now is critical to your post-corona strategy

Revisit the live discussion between Heiko Schwartz from riskmethods and Sammeli Sammalkorpi from Sievo.

It Starts with Data: Identifying and Solving for Supplier Risk

Discussion on solving for immediate and future-facing supplier risk in your supply chain through analytics and assessment.

Corona Response Analytics with Sievo

See how procurement can take a data-driven approach to responding to this crisis

spend analysis

Top Misconceptions about Adopting Spend Analytics

Discussion about the top categories of misconceptions

How to benefit from Market Indexes

Linking market indexes to your spend data has become much easier thanks to the market data functionality

A Category Manager’s Point of View

Learn how Sievo is used in the strategic sourcing process

Reinventing Supplier Management

Learn how Procurement data can transform Supplier Management.

Data extraction

Smart Data extraction with Sievo

Learn how Sievo handles procurement data to bring the best-in-breed procurement analytics.

contract management

A CPO’s take on Contract Management

CPO tells how to handle contract management effectively and how it can improve procurement performance

spend analysis

Machine learning in Procurement

Procurement generates a great amount of data to learn from. See how Machine Learning is used in Sievo tool and how Sievo's AI capabilities make daily procurement operations of our clients easier and faster.

savings lifecycle

Solution Deep Dive | Drive Savings to the Bottom Line

See how to drive your procurement savings to the bottom line, monitor your realized savings and prove your performance.

spend analysis

New Approach to Peer Benchmarking

Sievo offers a unique opportunity to compare your spend with the market dynamically.

spend analysis

Supplier Performance Management

See how having up-to-date data always available on all of your suppliers and across all units, can help you to spot suppliers that have poor delivery performance and being well-prepared for negotiations.

spend analysis

Future of Procurement Analytics

How can you tap the full potential of procurement analytics now and in the future?

savings lifecycle

Procurement Loves Finance

Sievo has found a perfect recipe for a happy and successful relationship between Procurement and Finance

contract management

Contract Management

Introducing contract approval feature that allows you to ensure that important contracts are reviewed and approved by the right person.

spend forecasting

Spend Forecasting in Direct Categories

How can you predict and influence future profitability? Yes, you can! Join this webinar and learn how

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