Sustainability & Diversity

How to measure supplier diversity in procurement

Supplier diversity is a proactive procurement strategy that encourages organizations to include mino..

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Decentralized procurement, centralized procurement, or center-led?

Centralized procurement definition:  Centralized procurement means that purchasing is managed on hea...

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Commodity price fluctuations | mitigating price volatility

Commodity meaning in procurement  In procurement, a commodity means raw or semi-processed materials ...

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Maverick spend in procurement

Maverick spend definition:  Maverick spend is the action of purchasing from suppliers outside pre-es...

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Procurement analytics | Procurement Explained

Procurement analytics definition:  Procurement analytics is the process of using quantitative and an...

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Spend under management in procurement

Spend under management  Spend under management is the amount of spend managed by procurement out of ...

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Category management | Definitions and best practices

Category management definition: Category Management (CM) is a strategic approach to procurement wher...

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Procurement KPIs: a complete list

Procurement KPIs definition:  Procurement KPIs (key performance indicators), also called metrics, ar...

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Procurement savings | Definitions and calculation examples

The main goal of procurement is to ensure products and services are bought at the right price. Cost ...

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Direct materials in procurement | direct vs. indirect

Procurement can be divided into indirect and direct material categories. Indirect and direct procure...

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Spend cube analysis | Procurement Explained

  A spend cube is spend data presented as a multidimensional cube. The three dimensions of a procure...

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Materials Forecasting Explained

Materials forecasting is the process of creating direct materials cost budgets and forecasts to help...

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Supplier Segmentation 101 – Stategic Suppliers and Future Success

Supplier segmentation is the process of allocating suppliers into distinct groups so that limited re...

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Tail spend classification and analysis | Procurement Explained

Cost reduction is a clear priority for most procurement teams. Often the focus is often on the strat...

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Spend analysis: why it's important | Procurement Explained

Spend analysis is the practice of analyzing procurement spend to decrease costs, increase efficiency...

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Key Terms and Abbreviations in Procurement

Terms used in procurement can be quite complex and there are many concepts to familiarize oneself wi...

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Purchase Order Process Steps and Procedures Simply Explained

In this series freelance author and supply chain expert Elaine Porteous explores core topics in proc...

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What the heck is procurement? Read 19 experts spell it out for you

Key take: see experts explain procurement in less than a minute!     "Procurement is like shopping.....

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