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Sievo & Schindler on elevating dirty data to concrete change

This blog summarizes Sievo & Schindler keynote session on elevating dirty data to concrete chang..

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Beyond the Hype – Fostering a Healthy Procurement Data Ecosystem

    Procurement is rapidly evolving into a strategic function entirely powered by data-derived insig...

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Spend data categorization: selecting a spend taxonomy

Spend categorization does not have to be painful. Granted, it can be time-consuming and demanding, b...

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Let's change the way we talk about procurement analytics

Generally, procurement is described in long and technical ways – something along the lines of: “the ...

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How to Boost Your Procurement Intelligence with Smarter Analytics

Analytics is one of the most important and misunderstood topics in procurement. Each year Deloitte r...

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Sievo Protects Data by Design

From the many GDPR-related emails we have all received this week, it should be no surprise to you th...

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Spend Analysis Demystified - Part 1: Data Extraction

Spend Analysis Demystified is a series of articles where Sievo’s source-to-screen reveals the hidden...

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Walk the Talk – Machine learning and big data for procurement analytics

In procurement analytics, there are two clear trends: Data is the new oil. Big data and advanced ana...

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The Surprising Combination of an ISO-Audit and our Agile Organisation

Let’s start with the news: Sievo is ISO-27001 certified. We actually got this stamp of approval for ...

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Procurement Big Data - from Data to Value

Big data is nothing new – we all have heard about it and have some idea of what it means. But when i...

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Spend Analysis data quality challenge

Spend analysis aims at creating a fact based understanding on where a company spends its money: what...

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Sievo, Big Data

Procurement Leaders Data, Intelligence & TechX Summit 2016 in brief: Big Data Procurement Leader...

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