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How to use spend analytics in supplier negotiations?

Supplier negotiation is a combination of interpersonal skills, tactics, market understanding, and da..

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Building an effective procurement strategy

A comprehensive procurement strategy defines how an organization strategically manages its procureme...

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Procurement ROI and Operational Procurement Performance

Procurement performance measurement Procurement performance measurement (PPM) is the systematic proc...

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Agile sourcing in procurement

Agile sourcing means turning the traditional procurement frameworks upside down allowing for cross-f...

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Procurement KPIs: a complete list

Procurement KPIs definition:  Procurement KPIs (key performance indicators), also called metrics, ar...

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Procurement Skills of the Future | Fresh research perspective from WEF

The World Economic Forum recently released their Future of Jobs Report. We looked at the report from...

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#SIEVODEV: Turning the Big Ship Around

Sievo has a history of shedding its skin. Years ago, the product was a desktop application behind ou...

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Focus on Business Outcomes to Ensure Great Results from Development

Previously we blogged about having the correct tools for the task in our technology team. We briefly...

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Measuring Procurement Performance, Rocket Science?

I remember around 15 years ago, when Procurement started to become an important part of the CEO’s ag...

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