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User-centered design in 4 steps

At Sievo, we apply user-centered methods in all solution areas and invite all the users to participa..

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How we reduce procurement complexity with usability familiarity

I joined the Sievo UX team as Service Designer about two years ago. I used to work in marketing, and...

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Beyond the Hype – Fostering a Healthy Procurement Data Ecosystem

    Procurement is rapidly evolving into a strategic function entirely powered by data-derived insig...

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Reimagining the P2P Advantage: UX, AI, and Machine Learning

  Procurement is rapidly evolving into a strategic function entirely powered by data-derived insight...

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Procurement Trends in 2021: Highlights From the Hackett Group Research

The Hackett Group recently published their 2021 Key Issues study featuring a number of valuable insi...

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Processes are boring - but what's the alternative?

I previously wrote about how procurement needs less processes, as they're slow, boring and self-cent...

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Procurement Skills of the Future | Fresh research perspective from WEF

The World Economic Forum recently released their Future of Jobs Report. We looked at the report from...

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Procurement Transformation: 5 Shifts in Mindset for Lasting Organizational Change

Transformation is one of the most overused words in business. When applied to discussions about proc...

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Procurement needs less processes – as they are slow, boring and self-centered

I’ve discussed with a number of CPOs during the last months on how they have managed procurement dur...

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Experience Feedbacker - Improving Customer Experience in Inventive Ways

The only way to create a truly intuitive user experience (UX) is to do it together with customers. F...

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How Sievo is improving end user experience

Consumerization is growingly influencing B2B services by raising the bar customers set for user expe...

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Where the World of Procurement is Heading

Having more data generated in the last 2 years than in history of mankind is an opportunity to recog...

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Walk the Talk – Machine learning and big data for procurement analytics

In procurement analytics, there are two clear trends: Data is the new oil. Big data and advanced ana...

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7 Megatrends for the Future of Procurement

“Look 10 years from now, and what will you see in this conference?” started Saki Boukas in his openi...

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Spend Analysis data quality challenge

Spend analysis aims at creating a fact based understanding on where a company spends its money: what...

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Procurement Leaders Data, Intelligence & TechX Summit 2016 in brief: Big Data Procurement Leader...

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