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PRIDE Month: How to Become an Ally?

It’s June! Which means PRIDE month. We’re so excited about it that the first idea that pops into our..

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Our 3rd Home - the Process of Finding Our Dream Destination Bucharest

On a Friday afternoon in September 2021, I got a phone call I will never forget. It was my superviso...

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A refreshed Sievo: a visual system that best represents our DNA

Sievo brand has been elevated. In this blog post, we'll tell you a bit about the process, the reason...

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Celebrating 18 years of Sievo!

It's exactly 18 years ago when Sammeli Sammalkorpi and Matti Sillanpää co-founded Sievo. It was 2003...

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Organization chart is dead: how to organize your company for growth

1 Organizational charts are boring and dangerous We often have the pleasure to introduce Sievo to pe...

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Camp Sievo 2021!

What do you do after a year of remote work and not able to see your colleague? You go to Kouvola for...

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How to design delightful services that users love?

Ville Tukiainen is the Head of Service Desing at Sievo with a passion for turning end user’s needs i...

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How to perform a full-remote (and successful) strategy process

A week before our strategy offsite was set to happen, we had to admit the facts. Due to the surging ...

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Is working with students worth the effort? 4 reasons we think it is

I’m often asked how we work with students at Sievo, and if it’s really worth the effort. My short an...

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Celebrating Finnish & our non-Finnish speaking community

Does  language matter? Why are we all about language?   Joint language is one of the most crucial pa...

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International life at Sievo

We all live in our own social bubbles. The people in mine come from over 30 different countries, con...

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8 Tips for Hosting Awesome Online Events

Just another day in March at the office. We were happy to have just finished the International Women...

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Sievo for Sievo - Bringing Radical Transparency to our Workplace

At Sievo we help our customers drive their businesses by harnessing their flow of data. With our too...

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Clean Code Matters

Why am I obsessed about code quality? The house with the broken windows Do you know that abandoned h...

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On Growth, Culture and Assholes

Sievo turns 14 this year, with over 50 people joining our family of Sievonians. As we experience the...

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Visualizing Work

Tools for the Task We like keeping things simple at Sievo. While that is not true for everything, it...

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5 Top Tips from Recruitment Lead of Sievo

Interested in working at Sievo? Read 5 Top Tips from our New Recruitment Lead No tricks needed, just...

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Welcome to a Career Playground- and Say Goodbye to the Career Ladder

Last night Sievo was recognized as the 7th best workplace in Finland by the Great Place to Work® Ins...

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