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Procurement: The Best is Yet to Come with Roy Anderson (SievoFriends 2021 Keynote)

How it’s always been If you could build your organization from the ground up, would it look like the..

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How to level up the impact of procurement: Agility, connectivity, and partnership | SievoFriends 2021

SievoFriends is our annual event for our customers and partners. SievoFriends 2021 was our 12th cons...

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8 Tips for Hosting Awesome Online Events

Just another day in March at the office. We were happy to have just finished the International Women...

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Highlights from SievoFriends Americas 2019

On September 17 -18 we hosted our valued customers and partners in Chicago for SievoFriends Americas...

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Relive Sievo X Friends Once More

Our annual customer event, Sievo X Friends, was held on the 5th and 6th of June in beautiful Helsink...

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Turning Insights into Action at Sievo X Friends

Summer is slowly but steadily approaching and so is our flagship event Sievo X Friends. Some of our ...

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SievoFriends Americas: Three Procurement Takeaways

Last week was a big one for Sievo: we hosted our first annual customer conference in the U.S. We’ve ...

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SievoFriends 2018: Towards Automated, Transparent Procurement

The past, present and future met in Helsinki yesterday in the friendliest procurement event of the y...

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A Newbie's View from ISM2018

Can you hear that ruffling sound of packing? Right now over 1,400 procurement professionals are pack...

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The Art of Procurement Podcast: Building Trust through Data Transparency

Today on the Art of Procurement Podcast, our very own Sievo Inc. CEO Johan Peter Teppala (JP) is a g...

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SievoFriends 2017: Realizing Value

This year marks the 9th anniversary of Sievofriends, and almost a decade now of this annual event ca...

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SievoFriends 2016 - the Future is Now

Once again in beginning of June was that great moment of the year when Sievo friends, customers, pro...

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Hot Procurement Trends - What to Expect from SievoFriends 2017

It’s an exciting time of the year for us at Sievo and our valued partners. Our annual customer event...

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