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We understand that interviews can be a bit intimidating. To make things more comfortable for you, let us give you a friendly introduction about ourselves. We're looking forward to meeting you in person soon!


Anusha Ramakrishnan

Talent Acquisition Team Lead, Helsinki

I'm an avid people-person and talent matchmaker! My mission is simple: to find people like YOU and match them with our opportunities at Sievo. 

🍜My favourite small talk topic
Food, because I'm a foodie :)

😜A small tip for the candidates 
Turn mistakes into puns - If you stumble over an answer, quickly recover with a witty pun. Confidence and humor is always appreciated in Sievo!

🎥Which fictional character would you recruit?
Chihiro from Spirited Away – She would be an amazing candidate, navigating through challenges and bringing fresh perspectives to any team.

🐠Recruitment in a movie title:
Finding Nemo



Antti Poikolainen

Talent Acquisition Partner, Helsinki

Human behavior and leadership geek - loves learning about psychology, coaching and all things recruitment!

☀️My favourite small talk topic
How has your day been, what has been your highlight so far?

😊A small tip for the candidates 
Share your motivation to join us with me and feel free to do in depth! It's always one of my favorite topics. 

Which fictional character would you recruit?
Pikachu, because it would bring energy to the team.

✌️Recruitment in a song:
Do What You Wanna - Ramsey Lewis


Akbota Medeubayeva

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Helsinki

A linguist who found recruitment and ended up really enjoying it. You can find me diving deep into technicalities behind our product and what this Azure thing is about!

🌱My favourite small talk topic
How to keep houseplants alive in Finnish winter

✌️A small tip for the candidates 
Don't hesitate to show your personality in your application, a short personal intro video is a cool way to stand out!  

😅Which fictional character would you recruit?
Donkey from Shrek! I bet he would crack the best jokes on Slack.

👀Recruitment in a movie title:
It's Not You. It's Me


Nelli Purontaus

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Helsinki

At work: big on recruitment, HR, events, student collabs... You know, the people-stuff!
When not at work: wannabe gymgoer, hardcore plant enthusiast, and electronic music enjoyer 

⛅My favourite small talk topic
Oh look, there is weather outside!

💡A small tip for the candidates 
Being prepared and doing some research takes you a long way! I always love to hear why did specifically Sievo spark your interest <3

🐻Which fictional character would you recruit?
Winnie the Pooh - I'm pretty sure his insightful wisdoms would bring great inspiration to the team.

👉Recruitment in a song:
I Choose You - Netsky


Paula Boboc

People Operations Manager, Bucharest

Passionate about HR, psychology, leadership and people development topics, driven by creating meaningful employee experience.

📖My favourite small talk topic
Dream destinations or good books :)

💡A small tip for the candidates 
Research the company, its culture and the role you're applying for.

💫Which fictional character would you recruit?
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter: highly intelligent, excellent problem solver; she loves to learn and expand her knowledge. Besides, Hermione is known for being a loyal friend and for having a strong moral compass.

👓Recruitment in a song:
"Imagine" by John Lennon


Matthew Powell

People Operations Manager, Chicago

Big nerd over here – passionate about science, space, sci-fi & fantasy and also a huge foodie. I love being a part of the people team and getting to work with and help so many wonderful Sievonians (that’s what we call ourselves).

🍜My favourite small talk topic
Love talking about food or nerding out on a topic we’re both passionate about!

💡A small tip for the candidates 
Be yourself and don’t read off of a screen, we can tell! We want to get to know the authentic you because at Sievo we never want anyone to come to work feeling like they need to wear a corporate mask.

✨Which fictional character would you recruit?
Captain Jean Luc Picard from Start Trek TNG! - He is compassionate, very intelligent, loves philosophy and history, has strong morals, is great at bringing people together and appreciating peoples differences. I would love to get the chance to have in depth conversations with him over a cup of tea!

🙏Recruitment in a movie title:
A New Hope

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