Hi, I'm Jaxu!
Wanna hug?


I'm Jaxu, the coolest seal around.
Let me take you back about 10 years when my adventure began.

There was this one Sievonian who was really into music. They, along with their friends, were working on a musical, and you won't believe it - they had a character named Jaxuhalli. Yep, that's me!

After the second last show of the season, some lovely Sievonians overheard the folks from the musical chatting about what to do with the seal costume. I was huge, and nobody had room for me at home. Can you believe that they were actually thinking about getting rid of me!? That's when our CEO Sammeli jokingly asked if Sievo could buy the costume. And guess what? Two weeks later, I officially became a part of Sievo. They even shortened my name to just Jaxu. I love it! Easy to remember.

From then on, I've been spreading joy and cheer all around. You can catch me at customer events or career fairs, giving out free hugs and still as fluffy as day one! I am also the face of Sievo brand on company swag items, stickers, Slack emojis, backgrounds, and even making an appearance in our product. And now, here we are, with a whole webpage dedicated to me. How cool is that?

If you want to be friends, check out our open positions on our career page! (Okay, fine, they paid me to say this.) But hey, who knows? Your adventure might be waiting for you at Sievo, just like mine was a decade ago!

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Story behind my name?

Alright, Finnish isn't the easiest language, so bear with me.
Jaxu: an abbreviation of jaksaminen, refers to the ability and energy to do something or carry on.
Hali: simply means hug.
Jaxuhali: an expression used to virtually hug someone who's going through a tough time. It's also used ironically to comment on people complaining about very simple problems.

Jaxuhali -> Jaxuhalli

As if it is not complicated enough,  these clever humans added that extra "l" letter for a playful word game because halli means grey seal in Finnish. (Yeah, I know...🙄) They probably never imagined explaining this would be such a pain.

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Helsinki, Finland

May 20, 2024

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Data Management Specialist

Bucharest, Romania

May 21, 2024

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