Insights from Alliander's journey implementing Sievo Spend Analysis

May 20, 2021 5:00 PM UTC

In this webinar, Mirjam from Alliander talks about the challenges that Alliander had, the selection process, implementation tips and tricks, as well as sharing how Spend Analysis solution is being used at Alliander now and what benefits Alliander gets from it.

Accompanied by Arno van de Camp​, Analytics and Process Mining enthusiast at PwC Netherlands, sharing his experience from working with various clients and industries helping them to turn their SAP data into actionable insights.

Key learnings from this webinar: 

  • Alliander's Procurement business challenges

  • Make vs buy decision

  • Implementation success factors

  • Business case: the value of having Spend Analysis solution and how it is being used at Alliander


Mirjam Weima-Oberink, Manager, Center of Excellence​ at Alliander

Arno Van De Camp, PwC, Netherlands

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