The Art of Selling the Value of Procurement Data to Your Stakeholders

Feb 28, 2023 5:00 PM UTC

As 2023 promises to be a challenging year with inflation, economic downturn, and supply shortages, it's important to find innovative ways to thrive. Join our upcoming webinar to hear from experts on how to take your organization to the next level with procurement data.

Sneakpeak, here are what you get from this webinar:
• Learn about the immense value and opportunities of procurement data
• Discover why stakeholder engagement is essential for your digital roadmap and strategy execution
• Explore the benefits of procurement data for multiple stakeholders in executing their strategies
• Learn how to sell your agenda and get your voice heard – with data!
• Gain practical tips on how to tackle common data resistance and secure buy-in

Whether you're a procurement pro, a data enthusiast, or just curious about the topic, this webinar is for you! Our expert speakers will take you on a thrilling journey into the world of procurement data and help you unlock its full potential.


Heta Ruikka, VP - Product Management, Sievo
Alexander Duray, VP - Value Enablement, Sievo

Selling the procurement data value promise

Download the slides and our new whitepaper about the procurement data value.