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Track your savings programs from idea to execution - and drive more realized savings and financial transparency.


Manage Savings Collaboratively with Finance

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Gap between procurement and finance?

Do you have a different perspective on savings than your colleagues in finance? Do they use different terminology or do you find it difficult to find a common language?

Sievo offers the most comprehensive savings lifecycle management solution from Savings Program Management to Realized Savings Measurement.

Find out how you can align key stakeholders in our most popular guidebook with over 10,000 readers “Procurement Loves Finance.”

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Looking for more transparency on your savings pipeline?

Many procurement organizations welcome transparency, but lack the tools and processes to track savings programs from idea to approval.

With Sievo’s Savings Program Management solution you can identify, track and collaborate on savings programs across your organization.

Find out how you can manage a savings pipeline efficiently from individual projects all the way up to savings project portfolios shared by global procurement organizations.

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Do savings hit the bottom line?

Even leading procurement organizations may find it hard to align procurement savings to financial statements. Are you looking for a way to remove the guesswork?

Sievo’s Realized Savings Measurement solution takes the guesswork away from procurement performance management.

See how you can realize savings and prove procurement contribution in a way finance can trust.

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Make procurement's financial contribution measurable,
transparent and robust.


Start by creating a common language between procurement and finance.

Effective communication is key to any relationship. When the terminology and objectives used by procurement and finance are not aligned, communications breakdowns can occur.

At Sievo we created the concept of the SavingsBridge™ to align procurement’s performance to standard financial practices recognized by finance in the language used by finance.

SavingsBridge™ aligns terminologies and isolates non-controllable drivers from procurement performance. This opens the path to impacting bottom line performance and a clear and transparent focus on improving profitability.


Choose one tool for managing and controlling all savings projects on a global basis.

Sievo’s Savings Program Management helps in collecting all your savings ideas across the organization, managing the savings initiatives from idea to completion and tracking savings performance in real-time and on a global basis.

It is a workflow tool that supports your business process, making sure that all the initiatives are implemented with jointly agreed principles and follow the steps of a collaborative approval process.


Measure savings’ impact on the bottom line easily and reliably.

With Sievo’s Realized Savings Measurement you remove the guesswork.

Progress throughout savings projects is easily captured based on actual spend and reported in intuitive and intelligent dashboards. Powerful analytics gives up-to-date visibility to your savings realization with full details when needed.

Procurement and finance work together towards the same set of targets, have one shared version of the facts and figures to discuss on, and the ability to deliver results in efficient and transparent way.

Leading procurement teams choose Sievo

Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg, the leading global brewer, has worked with Sievo for almost a decade. Starting with savings tracking, our collaboration now includes Spend Analysis and Spend Forecasting to support Carlsberg Group’s international portfolio of beer and other beverage brands with a wide use of procurement analytics across supply chain, finance and procurement.

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"We had a lot of PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets flying around the world. This was hugely draining and distracting us from actually going after the value. We needed to put in one streamlined, simple and globally connected process for planning our savings pipeline and proactively managing it."
- Sam de Frates, Global VP Commercial Performance, Capabilities & Services, Mars

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See the value of transparent and collaborative savings tracking

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Managing Savings from Idea to Cash

In this webinar, see how to manage your procurement savings from idea to cash and drive more realized savings that are recognized by finance. Sievo's best product experts share an overview of the solution for managing savings.

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Prove Procurement Contribution To Finance

Find out how you can use SavingsBridge™ to connect procurement savings to financial goals and measurement.

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Prucrement Loves Finance

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