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TDC NET - World’s first 2030 net zero target validated company partners with Sievo CO2 Analytics to put the plan into action

Diana Zheng Jan 11, 2023

As Denmark's leading digital infrastructure company, TDC NET knows they are vital in enabling society's transition to a green and sustainable future.

They are leading the way by being the world's first company that receives a validated 2030 net zero target aligned with Science Based Targets – and we at Sievo are immensely proud to be the solution partner on their journey.


Facing the biggest decarbonization challenge

TDC NET's goal is to reach net-zero scope 3 emissions in their value chain by 2030, which is twenty years earlier than the target of the Paris Agreement. This will be the company's biggest decarbonization challenge yet, as about 80% of scope 3 emissions originate from its value chain.

To face this challenge, TDC NET extends the partnership* with Sievo by choosing Sievo CO2 Analytics. This solution will enable TDC NET to tackle their scope 3 emissions and reduce emission hotspots as efficiently and effectively as possible.


"We are excited to continue and strengthen our data-driven approach to climate action with Sievo. As the largest digital infrastructure provider in Denmark, we believe we have an extraordinary responsibility to reach net zero across our value-chain as fast as possible."

tdc net and nicolai birch quote

Nicolai Birch, Head of Procurement at TDC NET


Ensuring a lasting impact with high-quality data

As TDC NET collaborates with 3,500+ suppliers worldwide, Sievo's verified methods and automated calculations will help TDC NET reach its net-zero goals. Sievo CO2 Analytics imports data directly from the data sources and calculates emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas protocol.

Sievo's transparent methods allow for an audit trail and full control, ensuring high-quality data and insights you can trust. Together with TDC NET, we look forward to making a lasting impact.

CO2 Analytics dashboard EY verified and Calculations by GHG protocol

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"We are honored to be chosen as TDC NET's trusted partner after their industry-wide search. Sievo's capabilities as the global trailblazer in CO2 Analytics are proven as TDC Net starts using Sievo to map, track and reduce their CO2 emissions to zero." 

Sievo alexander duray quote

Alexander Duray, VP of Value Enablement at Sievo


*TDC NET and Sievo's partnership started in 2019. Other Sievo solutions in use are: Spend Analytics, Payment Terms, Contract Repository, and Savings Program Management.
You can read more about TDC NET Sustainability goals here.



We hope sharing this partnership will inspire other companies on their net-zero journey. You can read more about setting science-based targets here.


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