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Procurement Loves Data: the latest book from Sievo for data-driven leaders

Jasmiina Toikka Nov 11, 2021

Procurement Loves Data is the latest book from Sievo. It’s a manifesto on breaking down silos between procurement, IT, and beyond.  It's the book every CPO should give to their CIO this holiday season!

[Helsinki, Finland, November 11, 2021] Both CPO and CIO agendas have been focused on digital transformation and revamping business operations. The procurement software market is forecasted to grow 10.2% (CAGR) in the next five years. Alongside this growth, data providers have come onto the scene with global data that is ripe and relevant for strategic use. However, more than half of line of business managers are frustrated with the speed of delivery of IT projects. This is especially prevalent in complicated procurement analytics solutions. To leverage the benefits of the new procurement data ecosystem, a better way of working and thinking is necessary.  

Procurement Loves Data gives you a complete picture of the challenges and opportunities of procurement data. From the creators of Procurement Loves Finance and AI in Procurement, this is a book that every CPO should read and give to their CIO this holiday season.  

In six parts, this book explains why procurement loves data, why data management for procurement is hard, all you need to know about build or buy for spend analytics, how to leverage procurement data ecosystems, what is democratization of data, and how to improve (IT-procurement) collaboration within organization.  

Here’s what Andrew Savage, General Manager – Operational Excellence at MTN, had to say:  

“I will 100% take learnings from this book and implement them into the day-to-day operations at MTN Procurement. It’s the sort of book that pushes various departments together and breaks the silos which exist in most organizations. It’s good for people starting out their transformation journey and also those who are quite well on.”  

Tapping into Sievo’s expert procurement knowledge, authors Sammeli Sammalkorpi (CEO and Co-founder), Heta Ruikka (VP of Product Management), and Olli Saksa (Head of Channel Sales and Partnerships) address this significant topic holding nothing back. Beginning with the basics of procurement data, this book quickly races into high-level topics even CPOs and CIOs can learn from. This comprehensive book covers everything from the challenges of procurement data combination and management to the architecture of procurement data ecosystems.  

The true value of Procurement Loves Data lies in the balanced and critical view of some of the most talked about debates in the industry, with new insights, depth, and unflinching honesty. Never before has the TCO argument for build or buy analytics been addressed in this level of detail. Full-suite vs. best-of-breeds is not just another utility vs. UX debate—you’ll understand how connectivity, external data providers, and analytics maturity all have a part to play in modern procurement organizations.  

This book tackles long-standing procurement tropes like the ‘perfect data’ fallacy, protectionist mindset, and obsession with rules, and throws them all out the window. The vision for new procurement leadership is one of collaboration and true data democratization. With realistic and practical tips on best practices in partner selection, implementation and adoption, developing UX in procurement analytics, and more, this book is packed full of everything you need to know about transforming siloed departments into procurement data ecosystems.  

You’ll be ready to go knock on some IT doors and start developing new relationships with truly constructive tips on how procurement and IT can love working together. Procurement Loves Data is a timely and relevant book which will change how you think and get you crossing the aisle and out of old silos. You can get your free copy of the digital version now through the link below, and the physical print edition will be available for order early 2022.  


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