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Press Release: Sievo CO2 analytics verified by an independent third party

Heta Pirttijärvi Feb 11, 2022

At the end of October, Sievo launched a CO2 Analytics module to bring visibility into the emissions coming from procurement. The CO2 Analytics tool has undergone a third party limited assurance and the assurance statement can be read here.

The report provides limited assurance on the methodology and emissions factors, in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000.

Emission factors and the methodology in Sievo’s CO2 Analytics module are independently verified. The third party has analyzed the product through interviews, demonstrations, and test cases thatCO2 Analytics Module adhere to the international standards put forth in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) -protocol. The GHG protocol is the most widely accepted international standard for reporting emissions.

Sievo’s CO2 Analytics Methodology states the following:

“The tool was developed together with a sustainability consulting company in 2021. The methodology is based on the GHG protocol, where spend data in monetary or quantity-based values is combined with globally established databases to calculate the CO2 emissions for the spend data.”

The CO2 Analytics tool uses the spend data built upon Sievo’s Spend Analysis tool, as well as 3rd party emissions data from EcoInvent and Exiobase. The module also allows for supplier-specific emissions data directly from suppliers.

Data is automatically updated each month, enabling reporting overall emissions, identifying emission hotspots, following emission reduction targets, and reducing emissions with data-based decision-making. Alongside Sievo’s analytics, customers can dramatically increase cross-functional collaboration – an aspect much needed in many organizations to act on emission reductions.

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