Sievo Spend Analytics top ranked for business value and TCO by SpendMatters!

Compared to 23 vendors, we are 10/10 categories above or at benchmark

The results
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Why this matters to you

Looking for a spend analysis solution? Compared to 24 other vendors, this report will give you a sense of our capabilities and understand why customers love us. 
If you are already using Sievo, read our future product development plans below!

SpendMatters SolutionMap is an independent vendor assessment tool to help procurement evaluate and find the right technology for their needs. It provides the full evaluation by making comparisons based on two aspects: technical capability & customer ratings.


Bringing value to business since 2003

Sievo was founded with the aim to help all procurement professionals understand their spending in the easiest ways possible and enable them to develop strategies that bring more to the business. We do this with our Spend Analytics solution and our dedicated customer support team and services.

We know software isn't much until you are a true partner to your client. So we are proud to see our customers rank our Business Value in the leading score, plus their great feedback in the report.


We make dirty data shine bright like a diamond

To create business value, you need data you can trust + ways of translating data to meaningful, actionable insights with advanced analytics. Although difficult for many others to accomplish both, this is where we shine!

According to SpendMatters, we have best-in-class data cleansing capabilities. Plus, we're leading in all Analytics aspects. So no matter the maturity level of your procurement or how messy your data is, we can help you find data-diamonds.

Up next:
We continue revolutionizing procurement analytics! 

We want to bring our procurement analytics to a whole new level.
Our goal is continuously enabling you to get the most out of data. 
Think of:


Further expanding your horizon with supplier, community benchmark, market intel, and other value-adding data feeds.


Applying state-of-the-art data enrichment methods to new areas to unlock further value.


Streamlining stakeholder collaboration with your internal stakeholders as well as your suppliers.





Recommendations drawn from a wide library of actionable insights - for both today and the future - with actions integrated to supercharge value identification and capture.


It's a great journey to be on, and we develop together with our 100+ customers to fit their needs.
Will you join the ride?

Ready to find new savings?

Using Sievo Spend Analytics, Cimpress achieved cost savings of 8% in the core category and cut 11% in overall procurement spending.

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In the first year alone of using Sievo, Hero captured and tracked a savings opportunity pipeline of more than 5% of total spend.

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With monthly automated extractions from 18+ ERPs, MTN is getting full visibility over all business units in three different continents in just 8 weeks from the project's start. 

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Struggling with Scope 3 emissions?

SpendMatters ranks us as the leader in Carbon Management!

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