Sievo CO2 Analytics ranked as Carbon Management Leader with Quickest Deployment by SpendMatters!

Compared to 12 other vendors, we are 1/12 categories the best of the best
10/12 categories above or at benchmark

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Looking for a carbon accounting tool? Compared to 12 other vendors, this report will give you a sense of our capabilities and understand why customers love us. 
If you are already using Sievo, read our future product development plans below!

SpendMatters SolutionMap is an independent vendor assessment tool to help procurement evaluate and find the right technology for their needs. It provides the full evaluation by making comparisons based on two aspects: technical capability & customer ratings.

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We're #1 analytics for Procurement & Sustainability

Scope 3 emissions are too complex to do by yourself. It requires millions and millions of data - both internal and external. Our #1 ranked analytics with best practice dashboards will help you understand your supply chain emissions.

For us, Analytics is just the starting point. Reports are important; finding ways to decarbonize is better. We provide actionable insights to improve your emissions accuracy and decarbonizing opportunities. This is what connects Procurement with Sustainability. Together, we'll find ways to deliver and achieve your targets.


We are fast, and we are strong

We are proud to see C02 Analytics ranked as #1 for quick deployment. Time is of the essence, especially with decarbonization targets coming as quickly as 2025.

We don't waste your time with long implementations. We don't rush through things, either. Our clients rank our implementations with an NPS of 71, meaning they are happy with our smooth execution. For our customers, the journey only starts after the deployment. Our onboarding materials, guides, and dedicated support team will give you a strong start and make your decarbonization journey successful.

Up next: everything suppliers!

We will continue driving the best-in-class analytics with the quickest deployment capabilities. We strive to be the best solution for Scope 3 emission management for both Procurement & Sustainability.

That's why we are also putting a lot of effort into supplier engagement because we and our customers know supplier collaboration is key to effectively reducing emissions.


Coming soon:

  • Supplier Questionnaires,
    influence your suppliers automatically.

  • Supplier Targets Tracker,
    performance of all your suppliers in one view.

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