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Don’t choose a job, choose a career

Lari Numminen Jan 29, 2019

This is the time of year when university students plan ahead for the long summer break.

Many students choose to enjoy their holidays. Smart students look for relevant work experience.

If you’re a smart student yourself, no pressure. It’s been said that your first job has the greatest impact on your future career.

It’s been many years since I was a student... more than a decade now. I’ve been clocking up my miles, so I get to offer advice.

Grab a coffee. This could be a long story.

Choose the less beaten path

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated back in 2006.

As a business school student I did well in financial management and I almost flunked marketing. The logical career choice was accounting or banking. My instinct lead me to marketing.

I still remember vividly how on graduation day my peers talked about graduate programs in London with Deutsche Bank and HSBC. In return, I told them, “oh, hell, I’m going to work for a games company in Poland.”

How did I end up in Poland?

Not knowing what I wanted to do after graduation I found an internship position at an online gaming company. They needed a native English speaker to launch new games to international markets.

I loved games, so I jumped on the opportunity.

Right workplace > job title

My internship in Poland lead me to the dream career I didn’t know that existed.

I spent five months in Krakow in a family-like startup company. I found kindred spirits who enjoyed gaming as much as I did.

I even ended up buying the first Nintendo Wii in the whole country and played it with my boss in the office.

I doubt I would have had as big an impact in a bigger company. I was an intern but my impact was huge.

I was trusted with big tasks and was allowed to take risks. As a result, I was able to double the number of paying customers just by advertising on Google. Talk about scaling growth!

Pursue your dreams and dream jobs come to you

Looking back now I consider myself fortunate.

I followed up my unexpected internship with roles working at Google and Twitter, along with a number of entrepreneurial adventures.

I’ve worked at some of the most sought after employers in the world and I’ve enjoyed every single job.

I now find myself leading a small team of marketing geeks and looking for an enthusiastic summer intern to join our crew.

In my team we’re not looking just good grades. We’re looking for someone with raw passion. A readiness to jump into uncertainty. Someone who chooses a career adventure over a job.

We’re looking for more ambitious dreamers

At Sievo, we’ve just launched our Summer Academy for 2019.

We’re a fast-growing company with a family-like atmosphere. We’re exactly the kind of workplace I would have joined a decade ago.

In addition to marketing, we’ve got exciting roles in Data Management, Solution Support and Pre-Sales consulting.

Applicants don’t need to have knowledge of what the job entails but each intern will have real life impact on business. Impact on our business.

At Sievo we hire the best. The talent we attract can often choose among the top workplaces in the country.

If you’re ambitious and smart you’ll have plenty of choices for summer jobs.

In the end the choice is yours' only to make. Pursue your dreams and your dream jobs will come to you.

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