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VP, Group Sourcing & Procurement at Technicolor

Cedric Le Saveant

Head Group Procurement at Lindt & Sprungli Group

Lars Runde

Director Group Procurement at Hero Group

Désiré Mouanga-Biayenda

Group Chief Procurement Officer at Oerlikon

Andrea Paolo Lai

Mistress of Data at The Classification Guru

Susan Walsh

Economist at Bastiat Consulting

Roger Wessman

VP Corporate Procurement

Ville Halonen


Antti Suorsa


Kati Ihamäki

Group head of procurement at Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Francois Rousselot

Head of Global Sustainability at ISS

Tracy Nilsson

Managing Director at Gaia Consulting

Ulla Heinonen

Chief Impact Officer at Compensate

Niklas Kaskeala

Director of sustainability and quality at fazer group procurement

Kaisa Mattson

SF chicago 3

About SievoFriends

SievoFriends is our yearly customer event, where we mingle, share successes, and discuss the newest opportunities in procurement. This event is meant for our customers and partners so is by invite-only, but if you are interested, ask your Sievonian about joining. ImpactNow was our first sustainable procurement event, focused on Scope 3 emissions and sustainable performance in procurement.

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