Procurement Benchmarking Powered by Big Data

Identify and achieve world-class performance with data-driven procurement benchmarks

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Get actionable insights from over $800 billion of spend data

Compare spend data in unprecedented detail and scale

Bring the power of Big Data to your procurement operations. Leverage data from hundreds of billions of dollars in realized transactions and leading third-party data sources to compare procurement performance across industries, relevant peer groups or geographies.

Only Sievo, the global leaders in Procurement Analytics, can provide real-life benchmarks at this scale based on anonymized and accurate procurement spend and market data.

Peer Benchmarking

Take your procurement performance to new heights by using the Peer Benchmarking module that uses anonymized Sievo customer data. Customize your target peer groups and get deeper insights that fit your business need. Select the industries and verticals that fit your situation for best-in-breed benchmarking results.

Market Benchmarking

Compare your procurement prices to market indexes offers a new way to look into your procurement performance. Sievo has partnered with major market data providers to produce the data for benchmarking your data and the current market developments.

Up-to-date AI classification

Sievo delivers benchmarks as a service, with regularly refreshed and expanded spend and market data. What’s even better, spend data is automatically classified and cleansed for benchmarking using Machine Learning. Manual operations are history, as Sievo’s solution takes care of all the data operations and creates a turn-key environment for new benchmarks.

Actionable insights unlocked within your spend analysis dashboard

As the peer and market data is automatically shown on top of your own spend reports, you are able to see the instant comparison of your own data. Benchmarking data can also be used in drilldowns to pinpoint exact performance issues that hinder your results. Use Procurement Benchmarking,to find out how your Procurement KPIs relate to the outside world.

Download Exclusive Industry Benchmark Reports

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods segment has experienced significant drops in spend for the last few years. In fact, spend per employee dropped more than 30% in just two years. Find out how this happened and more by downloading our report!

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Did you know that facilities spend per employee increased by over 30% in just two years in the manufacturing segment? Or that the number of utilities suppliers changed by almost 40% between the years 2015 and 2017? These great insights and more are avail-able for you for free in our manufacturing report!

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Market Benchmarking with Indexes

Linking market indexes to your spend data has become much easier, thanks to the market data functionality found in Sievo Procurement Analytics.

Procurement Loves Finance

Prove procurement contribution to finance with love and hard data. Our most popular guidebook with 9,000+ global readers!

Data-driven Procurement Benchmarking

See how you can benchmark performance with peers or industries with Sievo's unique benchmarking solution based on realized procurement transactions and Big Data.

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