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The future of Procurement Analytics is not only looking at your company data, but opening your eyes to the bigger picture. Introducing Sievo Procurement Benchmarking – the first truly unique benchmarking solution for you to compare your performance to the market.

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Learn Insights from over $ 100 billion of spend data

We here at Sievo are experts of procurement data. Not only do we have billions of individual transactions but we also enrich the data with market indexes and public and proprietary data sources.

With our Sievo Procurement Big Data repository, we are finally ready to unlock the possibilities of not only looking at one individual company and their spend, but seeing the underlying trends and possibilities of industries and spend categories locally and even globally.

Compare spend with your peer group

Bring the power of Sievo Procurement Big Data to your fingertips – to your computer or even to the palm of your hand. Our Peer Benchmarking product lets you to drill down and compare your spend data to the peer group selected for your company.

This add-on module to the existing Sievo product will launch the new wave of procurement analytics as you are not only looking inwards but opening the savings possibilities of benchmarking and bringing more to the bottom-line.

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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods segment has experienced significant drops in spend for the last few years. In fact, spend per employee dropped more than 30% in just two years. Find out how this happened and more by downloading our report!

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Did you know that facilities spend per employee increased by over 30% in just two years in the manufacturing segment? Or that the number of utilities suppliers changed by almost 40% between the years 2015 and 2017? These great insights and more are avail-able for you for free in our manufacturing report!

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