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Thank you summer Sievonians!

Janina Kurki Aug 31, 2017

Getting those first contacts and opportunities from working life as a college student can be tough. If you don’t have any prior contacts, or previous experience in any field, it might be hard to find work related to your study field or interests. I can say with pride that we at Sievo have had 17 sources of summer Greatness these past months complementing our incredible Sievo team. Like all new employees, they have brought us new ideas, challenged our status quo and of course created a fresh kind of buzz around the office. And lucky for us, many of them will be staying with us after the summer.

I asked our junior software engineers for comments on their summer with us. Here a a couple of good ones I wanted to share with you guys:

« Surpassed all my expectations both as a summer and a software job.

Since the start, the company culture and people have been friendly, helpful and very easy to get along with. As an environment, it's a really nice one to work in.

I've learned a ton during my time here and I feel I've grown a lot as a developer. So much so that I've began to completely rewrite some of my projects, exploring the world of new methods and principles I've learned here.

Feedback has been readily available, most of the time I feel I could get help and/or feedback on anything just by asking around, which does its part in helping personal growth.

Overall, I've enjoyed working here and I've often been excited to get to work. I'll definitely look forward to the possibility of working here in the future. Thank you so much! »

Some of them took a bit more laid back style :

« I'm much better at pool now! »

So how can a company provide a successful summer job experience? You need to have enthusiastic mentors (seniors) who have the time to answer all those questions, and who have the interest to challenge the juniors so that they can exceed. It also helps if you have a culture that encourages questions and freedom of work that enables everyone to achieve more.

Thank you Summer guys for joining us! Do great things also in the future !




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