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Sievo Academy proudly presents: The Super user certificate in Spend analytics

Emmi Tervo Jan 2, 2023

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Super user certificate: a training program concentrating on spend analytics, designed for a smooth onboarding experience both for experienced super users as well as for newcomers.

But before explaining this in-depth, let's take a step back to go through our customer onboarding approach. We believe that our educated customers are our best customers. By training our users we are raising the bar and our aim is not to focus solely on the product features but also on key workflows and to provide education in the procurement analytics field in general. The base of this approach is the Sievo Academy, where you will find a growing collection of online training materials to suit your needs. With the help of Sievo Academy your team can breach skill gaps, fully adopt Sievo within your organization and shorten the time to value.

This alone might not be enough. We have learned that having a skilled super user in the team is an essential part of user onboarding. For example, In addition to online materials, we recommend users participate in the instructor-led training, on a continuous basis, held by your super user. This is to make sure that the users have the skills and motivation to utilize Sievo to the max.



How do we then aim to support our super user community with the responsibilities of spreading the Sievo knowledge further within their organizations? The importance of a smooth and efficient onboarding with clearly defined steps cannot be underestimated. To answer this need, we are happy to introduce the Sievo super user certificate. With this certificate program, you can learn new skills and earn credentials to advance your career.

And it comes with bragging rights: You can share the certificate on your LinkedIn page to show off your achievement and proficiency in Sievo Spend Analytics! We strongly believe that learning and education are a continuous journey, so even after completing the Super user certificate, you can easily return to the materials any time you feel like you might need a little refresher.



What are the course contents? 

We aim to provide you with the needed materials to level up your Sievo Spend Analytics knowledge and inspire and support users within your organization to do the same. The certificate consists of six courses you can study at your own pace and includes two hours of content. We’ll also share tips on onboarding, change management, and engaging user within your organization.

The training program will take you through Sievo Spend Analytics with concrete examples. During the course, you will learn about 

  • the key features of efficient user management  

  • how to utilize the different spend analytics dashboards in your daily work

  • spend data management, including classification, exclusions, data imports, and validation

The learning path toward the certificate is well thought through by our team, giving you a step-by-step course plan to follow.

At the end of the course, we at Sievo will verify your accomplishment and address your organization’s unique set-up. Once all steps are completed, you’ll be a Sievo Certified Super User, ready to shine in your role and spread the knowledge further.  

Where did you learn those moves? - In Sievo Academy!

Where did you learn those moves? - In Sievo Academy!

How can I complete the Super user certificate? 

If you are an existing customer, we have a great offer for you: if you sign up before the end of February 2023, we will certify up to 5 super users for free!  Badge Super user-01 (1)

The course contents must be completed before the end of March 2023, and you will also need to schedule the verification meeting before this date.

For more information on the offer, please contact your Sievo representative.

If you are an existing customer with our Rockstar service tier subscription, one free Super user certificate is included yearly. For our Superhero service tier customers, we offer two free annual certificates.


Putting your new skills to test

After completing the certificate, you can test your skills with a set of exercises available in the Spend analytics learning path at Sievo Academy. You can also use these exercises within your team by just downloading the available PowerPoint and modifying them to match your needs and for example any custom dashboards you might have in use. The exercises are designed to help you and your colleagues to really dig deeper into your data and your specific use cases.


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