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No mandatory fun at Sievo: Event Committee explains how

Fulya Karacaoglu Jun 29, 2023

We met two of the Sievo Event Committee members to learn more about this volunteer-based group at Sievo! 

- Let’s start by getting to know you both. 

Shaj: Hey, I'm Shajehan, but you can call me Shaj. I joined Sievo back in 2019 and have worked in various roles since then. I started as a Cloud Architect, then spent 2 years as the Head of Data Engineering in the Professional Services team. Currently, I'm back in the Engineering team as an Engineering Manager. 

Aku: Hi, I'm Aku. I joined Sievo in 2021 as a summer intern and worked in Sales Development till I was promoted to my current role, Head of Sales and Business Development for the Nordics region. 

- Can you tell us a bit about the Sievo Event Committee? Even though you work in different teams, you both share the responsibility of organizing events at Sievo, correct?  

Shaj: Absolutely. Event Committee, or ECo for short, is a group of volunteer Sievonians from different teams. Each year, new members are getting selected. Our main aim is to organize exciting and engaging internal events for Sievonians. Aku and I are among the ECo members for the year 2023.

- What made you decide to be a part of this committee? 

Aku: Well, even when I was a student, I was always interested in participating in event organization. I enjoyed it, so when I had the opportunity to do the same in my professional life, I couldn't pass it up. 

Shaj: For me, I joined to enhance my skills in event management. I'm already involved in managing events in some associations for Indians living in Finland, so this was a great chance for me to improve myself. 

- How does the committee work together? 

Shaj: We try to have biweekly meetings, but when we have events coming up, we meet more often. We divide the group based on the type of events. Some of us handle family gatherings, while others focus on parties, annual dinner, or smaller events like karaoke nights or movie outings. 

Aku: And, we have a dedicated budget for these events. We plan and allocate the budget based on the specific event's requirements.  

- So, you don't need to get approval from anyone? 

Aku: No, as ECo, we are fully responsible for everything. 

- It's really interesting to compare this to the traditional methods where HR teams usually organize internal events. What do you think having this committee a better way to go?

Shaj: Having members from different teams is one of the coolest things about ECO. If it were just one team making decisions, it might not be as easy for them to know everyone's preferences. We all have our own ideas about what's fun, right? So by having people from other teams on board, we can make sure we're taking into account all those different perspectives. It helps us create activities that resonate with everyone and make sure nobody feels left out.

Aku: Also, since this is not our main job but a volunteered side task, we don't fall into the trap of organizing events just for the sake of doing it. For example, if an event idea doesn't generate enough interest, we can make changes based on feedback right away. We aren't professional event planners; our goal is to maximize enjoyment for as many people as possible. 

Shaj: Exactly. The fact that the committee changes every year also brings freshness and new perspectives, ensuring that things remain exciting at Sievo. 

- What have been your favorite events so far? 

Aku: I'd say the Pre-Christmas dinner (a.k.a. Pikkujoulut). It's one of the biggest events we organize, and it's also a cultural tradition in Finland. It's amazing to see Sievonians in Helsinki office from nearly 40 different nationalities joining this celebration. 

Shaj: Personally, I enjoyed how the Event Committee supported other major events like Camp Sievo, where Sievonians from all three countries gather. Now, I'm looking forward to our 20th-year celebration. 

Aku: I also remember a party organized by the previous committee to celebrate the publishing of our “Procurement Loves Data” book. They had a sci-fi theme that matched both the book and the party. 

- Well. Thank you once again for taking on this responsibility and organizing internal events. I guess you also deserve some special parties. Do you have any events exclusively organized for committee members? 

Aku: No, but that's actually a great idea. Maybe we should celebrate ourselves at the end of the year. 

- That sounds like a good plan. By the way, we also have a board displaying photos of the members each year, right? 

Shaj: Yes, those photos are of the Event Committee members from our Helsinki office. However, we have other members in Bucharest and Chicago as well. 



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