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Craftboards: fast and easy way to make accurate custom dashboards

Diana Zheng Nov 29, 2022

One of the great things about having ~8000 Sievo users per month is their feedback about what works and what could be improved.

What we realized is that there is no one-dashboard-fits-all for procurement. Procurement organizations vary greatly across companies. Procurement structures are as unique as the business operations they represent. The structure depends on the industry field, the number of locations, level of centralization, the services and products the company produces, and the business strategy,just to name a few.


Standard dashboards cannot fulfill every need

Most procurement analytics software companies provide a set of standard dashboards. They are a collection of commonly used charts and graphs to get an instant overview of KPIs and other metrics.

These dashboards provide a good basic overview and benchmark level and are an important guide for best practices. For example, Sievo has multiple dashboards to do spend analysis, includingSupplier Diversity Dashboard, Scope 3 Emissions Dashboard, and Sustainable Procurement Dashboard.

But as heard from our client feedback, it does not fulfill every need. Instead, users may review several dashboards simultaneously to get their desired combination of charts and tables. Or users may export multiple datasets to other data visualization tools that require formulas and formatting know-how to create charts and tables.

Another option is to ask your procurement analytics provider to configure a custom dashboard for you – however, this takes time and is often hard to maintain, resulting in a limitation in doing the actual reporting.


Self service analytics enables flexibility

Several years ago, we released Self service. Sievo Self service enables users to create their own chart, table, or graph by selecting dimensions and measures. It has been one of the most loved features by our users.

Self service empowers users, from beginners to advanced, to analyze their data without technical know-how. Although Sievo Self service helps users create any chart they want, it only shows 1 chart at a time.

Simplified visual of Sievo Self service create charts without technical know-how


Craftboards: the next generation of self service analytics

We are proud to present our latest feature: Craftboards. Craftboards expand the boundaries of flexibility and creativity for our users even further. With Craftboards, users can instantly build their own custom dashboards by combining multiple charts that fit their needs, projects, and goals.

Sievo Craftboards helps users to filter out the noise of irrelevant KPIs from standard dashboards for their use case and show the KPIs they need in the way they want to see it – making it easier and faster to find opportunities.


"The biggest value is that you can customize it according to your needs. Our users are different – they have different perspectives, and with Craftboards, they can make their own dashboards." – Business Intelligence Lead

Simplified visual of Sievo Craftboards to create custom personalized dashboards fast and easy

Craftboards allow users to pick and copy charts from standard dashboards as well as from self-created charts in Sievo Self service. Now, you can experiment and discover which combination of information fits your use case the best – with only a few clicks.


“It’s very simple, you just click and add to any Craftboards you want, and it’s there – the simplicity makes people use the functionality.” Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager


Craftboards make customized reporting easier and faster

We provide intuitive functionalities so all users, from beginners to advanced, can create personalized views. All charts can be combined, scaled, positioned, and removed to the user’s preference.

Craftboards functionalities remove, reposition, resize, rename


“We will use it for planning and reporting, but also for preparing presentations. It’s easy to use, we really like it.” – Purchase Performance Manager


You can save, name, and edit your Craftboards as you like. Craftboards' data is not just a one-off snapshot, it’s always up to speed and accurate as the data comes from Sievo. These personalized dashboards are scalable and can be used for continuous reporting.

Sievo Craftboards allows users to slice and dice the data to look on a more granular level and use filters to, for example, select a specific time frame.


“With limited number of minutes, you can set up the key elements. Let’s say you spend half a day, and you’ll have reports you can use for monthly reporting.” - Central Category Manager


Two example use cases of Craftboards

1. Protect your company's supply chain


example Craftboard ESG + Sustainability diversity risk kpis


As a Sustainability & ESG Procurement Director, you can identify in one view if your team needs to take any urgent actions to protect the company via a combination of ESG, sustainability, and risk scores.
Create a Craftboard by combining KPIs and charts from:

  • Sustainable Procurement dashboard
  • Supplier Risk dashboard
  • Supplier Diversity dashboard
  • And a self-made table from Sievo Self service to filter the most important organizations and category levels>

Via this Craftboard, the director can identify if any Sustainability and/or ESG scores dropped or whether a supplier becomes high risk.


2. Maintain a successful category and save costs


example Craftboard Packaging Category Strategy with price opportunities and risk kpis

As a Packaging Category Manager, you can continuously develop your category strategy to maintain its performance while finding cost savings opportunities by combining invoice and risk data.

Create a Craftboard by combining KPIs and charts from Sievo:

  • Price Opportunities dashboard
  • Payment Term Opportunities dashboard
  • Supplier Risk dashboard
  • Supplier Performance dashboard
  • Category Performance dashboard
  • And several self-made charts from Sievo Self service to filter the most important organizations and category levels

With this Craftboard, the category manager has a dedicated view to identify price opportunities via its direct materials and can track risks that could impact the category.


Already a Sievo user?

Craftboards is now available in your Sievo environment for all Solution users.
Soon, you will also be able to share Craftboards with other users for more collaboration and cooperation.

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