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5 Tips for Office Summer Dress Code

Anna Tapiovaara Jul 17, 2018

Every year when the weather gets hot, people are puzzled by the same questions: What should I wear to work? Is it ok to wear shorts? What about sleeveless tops? Sandals?

I have a few pieces of fashion advice to share with you. The pictures are from our Helsinki HQ, also known as Sievonia.

  1. Make sure you are able to work

If all you can concentrate on is how hot you feel, then you cannot get much work done. So if shorts are what it takes for you to keep a healthy body temperature, then by all means, wear shorts. Same goes for sleeveless tops. This is also your chance to show off that impressive body hair you have been growing all winter.

Lasse is wearing a clever combination of patterns.

  1. Showing some toe

Wearing sandals can prevent your feet from sweating excessively. But should you wear them with or without socks?  I advise you to trust the mirror and your own fashion sense. I have seen people rock both styles.

Socks or no socks? Which one would you choose?

  1. Don't forget accessories

The most important thing about tackling the heatwave is staying well-hydrated. So if you ask me, the It bag of the season is actually a water bottle.

Avoid dehydration with the season's must have accessory.

  1. Enjoy colour

Winter is depressing enough. Make the most out of summer while it lasts and wear your favourite colours to work.

Tanya brings a refreshing splash of indigo to the office with her summer dress.

Lehel is rocking complementary colors with blue shorts and an orange shirt.

  1. I see inappropriate people

What should you do if you notice a colleague or someone else is wearing offensive or inappropriate clothing? My suggestion is that you first take a few moments to do some self-reflection. Are the clothes (or lack thereof) really offensive? Do you have the right to control the bodies and clothing of other people and why? If, in fact, the clothes are offensive, it might make sense to explain to that person why their outfit offends you and let them decide whether they want to change it, or not.

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