Build or buy analytics for Procurement in 2021

01 Webinar with Spend Matters and Danone

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How procurement can use data and analytics to Lead Growth-driven Procurement

02 Webinar with Accenture

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Procurement’s role in driving down carbon emissions

03 Webinar on-demand

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Procurement Loves Finance

04 Webinar on-demand

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Procurement Information Hub

05 Webinar on-demand

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Market Benchmarking

06 Webinar on-demand

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Webinars with Sievo

Data Privacy for Procurement

with Sievo and Borenius

Carbon Emissions

Procurement’s role in reducing carbon emissions

Webinar with Sievo and our trusted partner EcoVadis

Driving Supply Chain Reselience with Data

Joint webinar with QAD Allocation and Sievo

Build or buy analytics for Procurement in 2021

Webinar with Spend Matters and Sievo

spend analysis

Beyond spend analysis: insights to trigger action​

Hear about the most recent developments of our solution and how it can give you much more than just visibility on your spend.

materials forecasting

Take control of your future profitability with Materials Forecasting​

See how Materials Forecasting solution can make forecasting much more fun and much more valuable process to procurement, finance, and business stakeholders.

spend analysis

Best practices of Implementing Spend Analysis with Alliander and PwC

Our customer Alliander shares their experience of implementing Sievo's Spend Analysis solution

Growth-driven Procurement​ with Sievo and Accenture

Hear Senior Managing Director of Accenture Strategy Pierre-François Kaltenbach discuss with Sievo's CEO Sammeli Sammalkorpi how procurement organizations can use data and analytics to turn disruption into growth in the post-Covid-19 era.

How to build a data-driven Center of Excellence with MTN Group

See how one of the world's leading telecom operators, MTN Group, has built an advanced Center of Excellence.

spend analysis

Five steps to increase your supplier diversity spending

Joint partner webinar with

spend analysis

Actionable Supplier Risk Analytics

See why managing supplier risks is important and what data/technology procurement leaders need to reduce supplier risks.

Sustainable Procurement Analytics

Hear about the importance of sustainable procurement, future trends, and Sievo's own Integrated Sustainability Strategy.

Market Benchmarking

External data that is relevant to you becomes truly valuable when you link it to your own spend data.

War 2020 der Weckruf, den wir brauchten? mit Sievo und Allocation Network

In diesem Webinar diskutieren wir, was die Beschaffung vom Jahr 2020 gelernt haben sollte, um sich auf zukünftige Krisen, das sogenannte “new normal”, besser vorbereiten zu können.

spend analysis

How to avoid the black box of classification?

Explore the current best practices in procurement spend classification and dispel the myths of “black box” classification.

Reinvent Procurement with Resilience and Sustainable Innovation

Two co-founders discuss reimagining the role of procurement going forward and what is “procurement with purpose".

spend analysis

Procurement Information Hub

The challenge of modern procurement is not about accessing data. The challenge is about utilizing data to create value and actionable insights.

spend analysis

Mitigate supply disruption by understanding internal alternative sources

Strategic category manager shares how you can reduce supplier disruption, like COVID-19, using your spend analysis data.

Best-of-Breed vs. Full-Suite

A lively discussion on Boliden's set up and why did the company go with the best-of-breed solutions

savings lifecycle

How to Drive Savings Projects with Sievo

If you're looking for a more robust and flexible way to track savings projects across your organization, this is the webinar for you.

It Starts with Data: Identifying and Solving for Supplier Risk

Discussion on solving for immediate and future-facing supplier risk in your supply chain through analytics and assessment.

spend analysis

Top Misconceptions about Adopting Spend Analytics

Discussion about the top categories of misconceptions

How to benefit from Market Indexes

Linking market indexes to your spend data has become much easier thanks to the market data functionality

A Category Manager’s Point of View

Learn how Sievo is used in the strategic sourcing process

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