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Deutsche Telekom

"I am always looking backwards. What did I do in the past? What happened in the past? This is good to know, but my question is what happens tomorrow? Even better is to answer the question - 'what shall I do tomorrow?' and this is something which I'm working on with Sievo."

Dr. Karim Ouali, VP Procurement Processes and Systems & VP Procurement Excellence & Vendor Management, Deutsche Telekom

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"We selected Sievo as a partner because we're very much convinced about the quality of the work and the people who presented the work. They are not just coming over as IT engineers, but as procurement experts."

Stephan Schulte, Senior Expert Procurement Processes, Systems & Organizations, Deutsche Telekom

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The primary way that Sievo has enabled us to grow is the transparency - so actually having visibility on how you spend your money and how you do your savings tracking. The other, and more untangible, way is how you up the dialogue with your suppliers by having better knowledge internally.

Mads Mortensen, Project Manager, Group Supply Chain & Procurement, ISS

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Sievo has helped us to overcome the challenge of transparency and visibility. Fiskars is a company that has grown and is growing through acquisitions, when we have been acquiring new companies we try to implement Sievo as soon as possible to get the visibility on the spend.

Eija Repo, Director of Global Sourcing, Fiskars

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FL Smidth

Sievo has enabled us to grow the transparency of data that we have, across our 30 ERP systems, 50+ business units and up to 89 entities. Getting transparency on this scale is mind-blowing.

Anders Linder, Head of Procurement Center for Excellence, Group Procurement, FL Smidth

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Sievo as a starting point has helped provide data to us in a very user-friendly format. The spend visibility solution helps us to look at data in a very intuitive way. The value of Sievo is the combination of a small IT company with a powerful analytics capability combined with a strong procurement understanding.

Per Røhnebaek, Head of Sourcing Development and Support, Orkla

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We have presence in 10 countries, we have different ERP systems - we had no visibility and didn't know how to prioritize spend, categories and suppliers we were using. By using Sievo we now have a one shop stop for seeing all of that.

Fredrik Svanestrand, Head of Group Sourcing, Ramirent

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