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We would like to offer a soothing place for an enthusiastic but still very quality (clean code) oriented Senior developer a home away from home. A place where you are appreciated, always questioned but encouraged and where you will rather be forgiven than given permission.

You, a person that provides great value to develop the future to our procurement analytics tool. We have a team of experienced developers willing to use their craftsmanship skills with you, an eager developer. Together we are responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of our SaaS solution. At Sievo, working with our software solution means managing large data sets (in total over 15 TB) and enterprise wide solutions, developing a robust platform and offering outstanding user experience to our customers.

We are in between of transforming our product, Procurement analytics SaaS solution, from a monolith into microservices. We have strong will to establish big changes in the near future and now you have the opportunity to make long lasting decisions in our future outlines. We reserve time to learn new, exciting things and share our learnings in recurring knowledge sharing sessions. We also mentor each other so we hope you are eager in sharing your knowledge.

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Extensive healthcare

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About Sievo

We welcome you to the leading Procurement Analytics software company of the world. Love the freedom of working in a growth company with talented and passionate people - the family of Sievonians. We live by the "Get shit done - and relax after" manifesto. So if you want to enjoy your life as a whole, including sustainably paced work with good benefits - join us.

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