Senior Test Automation Engineer/Architect

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Join Sievo in a venture to rethink and redesign our test automation from the whole Sievo product perspective.

Your role is to take part in designing and improving Sievo’s company-wide test automation tooling, processes and practices. In this role you will have the opportunity to create a new vision for QA at Sievo and to help us in our journey from on-premises to Azure cloud. You will be working either as part of one of our development teams or in an Engineering department wide position, constantly interacting with Software Engineers and Product Managers.

This means that our product teams should have a set of well recognized tooling to use, and that the whole solution is tested with different means. This can include things such as contract testing, API testing, or end to end smoke testing for the whole solution, why not even in the live environment?


  • Ownership of the test automation frameworks used in Sievo together with our other test automation professionals
  • Take part in designing and improving Sievo’s company-wide test automation tooling, processes and practices
  • Mentoring members of your and other teams on test automation
  • Helping your team and the Product Manager in defining acceptance criteria for the backlog items

We are looking for:

  • Strong test automation development experience
  • Knowledge of modern test automation frameworks
  • Experience in setting up, configuring and running tests as part of a CI pipeline. We are transitioning from Jenkins to Azure DevOps as our CI-tool
  • Understanding of microservices based architecture and how to effectively test it
  • Knowledge of the challenges a Monolith to Microservices transformation brings to test automation

What We Consider as Advantages:

  • Experience in some of the test automation tools we are currently using (Selenium, Robot Framework and Cypress)
  • Eagerness to find out and learn about new technologies and also share your findings – and the courage to start developing something new
  • Experience in coding (e.g. C#, JavaScript)
  • Experience in security testing of microservices
  • Experience in performance testing and tools
  • Experience in databases

What kind of person we are looking for?

  • Self-motivated, self-steering, willing to learn new concepts and technologies
  • Strong ability to understand wholes, a high Systems intelligence
  • Natural troubleshooter with a dedication to quality
  • Team player with great interpersonal skills and high integrity level
  • Fluent in English

If you read this far, you must be interested! So don’t be shy, send us your documents and we will be in contact the soonest. There will be a small assignment send out after brief discussion with us with the most potential candidates. More information on us, check

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