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_ Sievo – Global leader in procurement Analytics. Software as a service hosted from a private data center in Helsinki, Finland. We are growing. We are improving. We are aiming even higher. We reaching for the heavens! We are going to the Azure cloud!_

Our solution has had its core as a monolith that we loved and cared for, but we are taking the next step and pushing into the future. Today enthusiastic developers are finding ways to separate the concerns within the solution. Finding appropriate domain boundaries allows development of microservices and gradually reducing our reliance on the monolith.

With our commitment to Azure, we push to utilize native Azure offering, which gives us the benefits of not getting bugged down with infrastructural management. Our development teams are freed from the shackles of virtual machines and can go all the way with serverless. For the most parts we can trust the security provided by Azure Active Directory. With App Service Authentication protecting our web APIs and managed identities accessing secrets from Azure Key Vault, we don’t need to deploy our services within Virtual Networks.

Currently each and everyone of our software development teams operate in truly autonomous fashion. This DevOps culture enables us to roll our code to production with confidence. For monitoring, availability and performance teams are using Application Insights. To keep the services small, we are leveraging Azure Functions. The denormalization of data guides our thinking from SQL to NoSQL…

As we are growing and adapting even more of the Azure goodness, we are searching for software developers with love and experience, knowledge and understanding over the Azure platform. Our development teams are able to use the Azure services straight out of the box, as we believe that with microservices, choosing the right tools and services to fit the needs brings the goal closer.

  • C#
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Azure functions
  • Api Management Services
  • Knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Azure PaaS features
  • Scalable NoSQL database design
  • App Service Authentication
  • Azure Storage Services
  • Microservice development
  • Azure integration services
  • Azure DevOps

This is your chance to join the team of passionate coders already today. Send us your documents and contact information and we will get back to you the soonest. A code assignment is to be expected after our initial talks. Be superb, be a quality Azure developer and join one of the most international dev teams in Helsinki!

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We welcome you to the leading Procurement Analytics software company of the world. Love the freedom of working in a growth company with talented and passionate people - the family of Sievonians. We live by the "Get shit done - and relax after" manifesto. So if you want to enjoy your life as a whole, including sustainably paced work with good benefits - join us.

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